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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Types of Windshield Cracks and When Should you Replace One

Driving a car in India is a herculean task in itself. Saving from the cattle, bikers who pounce on the roar from nowhere or driving on the highways. Getting minor dings, scratches and cracks on your windshield. Well, glass is glass and glass brakes. So today, let’s focus on windshield cracks as they are a topic of serious concern.

Before getting any further let’s see what are the types of cracks.

Types of Windshield Cracks

  1. Bull’s Eye Crack

    Bullseye Crack
    Bullseye Crack

    This is one of the most common types of crack that occurs when a small blunt rock hits the windscreen. The impact acquires a circular shape and at times a small piece of glass falls off.

  2. Star Crack or Ding Crack

    Star Crack
    Star Crack

    The other common crack is the Star Crack. As the name suggests, this crack is caused by a sharp rock or object striking the windscreen. The impact develops a star-shaped cavity and a piece of glass chips off. If not taken care, a star crack can escalate very quickly.

  3. Combination Break

    Combination Break
    Combination Break

    A sharp pebble or an object strikes and sometimes the impact develops a combination break. This is the combination of the star crack and the bull’s eye crack.

  4. Edge Crack

    Edge Crack
    Edge Crack

    The crack that escalates from within 2″ of the windscreen lining is the edge crack. If not taken care of the crack, it can go from a small crack to a long one. Well, this is something very common on vehicles in India. The length may range anywhere from 10″ to 12″ and sometimes even more.

  5. Floater Crack

    Floater Crack
    Floater Crack

    This crack is identical to the edge crack, but unlike the edge, this starts 2″ away from the windscreens lining.

  6. Half Moon Crack

    Half Moon Crack
    Half Moon Windscreen Crack

    Similar to the Bull’s eye crack, a half-moon crack chips off a piece of glass but has a semi-circular shape instead of circular.

  7. Stress Crack

    Stress Crack
    Stress Windscreen Crack

    A stress crack is a type of an internal crack that can not be felt by moving our fingers over. To diagnose the crack, this requires moving a ballpoint pen over it. Fun Fact: This is not developed by any impact, instead sudden change of temperature causes a stress crack. For instance, a vehicle buried under the snow should be cleaned using cold water. When poured Hot water, Voila!, the temperature increase causes a stress crack.

With the types of cracks clear, let us take a look at whether the cracks can be repaired or is it a windscreen replacement that is required.

Repair or Replace?

Yes! As the windscreen is made up of laminated glass, it is possible to repair a windscreen. Well, the same is not possible for the other windows of the car. With technology getting more advance with time it is easier to repair cracks. Keep that in mind, to repair a windscreen some conditions apply. The size, depth and the location are the main factors a skilled technician considers before repairing the front glass. Whether it can be repaired not, you should take the vehicle to the nearest workshop.

Larger cracks are difficult to repair, whereas small chips and dings can be easily repaired. Cracks those are near to the edges are fairly hard to fix same goes to the depth of the crack.

When can you repair or replace the windshield

Can be Repaired Has to be Replaced
the crack is shorter than 12″ If the crack is longer than 14″
The ding has not penetrated and is only in the outer layer. Both the layer of the windshield are damaged.
The bull’s eye or star is smaller than 1″ The bull’s eye or star is larger than 3″
The crack or ding is away from the edges The crack or ding is close to the edges
The driver visibility is not hampered Impairs driver’s visibility

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Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries related to windshield damage.

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  1. My Mahindra kuv 100 is having a stress crack lining, at first vision it was hardly 3 ” to 4 ” inches but now after 18 months same stress crack line increased up to 10 ” to 12 ” and while moving the fingure over the stress crack lining same couldn’t be even felt.
    So please suggest whether the windscreen should be replaced or else same should be repaired and if repaired then how much same would cost.


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