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6 Fancy Useless Car Features We Don’t Really Need

Cars these days are all about features and tech. The gap between technology and automobiles is reducing as we speak! Most of these tech-enabled features have been a blessing to cars, like parking sensors and cameras, adaptive cruise, etc. However, there are some features that add no value to our driving experience. Here are useless car features and technology we don’t really need.

  1. Heads-Up Display (in city cars)

A HUD is a very useful feature, for a race-car driver. Regular driving inside and outside cities is not so engaging that one cannot look at the speedometer. Moreover, a HUD on budget cars tends to be even more distracting since it pops up on a different screen altogether!

HUD or Heads-Up-Display
HUD or Heads-Up-Display
  1. Sunroof (hate incoming!)

In the last few years, Indian buyers have gone crazy for having a sunroof in their cars. Ever since budget cars like the i10, i20 and some other hatchbacks started getting sunroofs, there has been no end to this fad. A sunroof is especially unnecessary for Indian conditions since the temperatures are on the higher side and there’s so much dust on most roads. Most people who have cars with sunroofs don’t use them as frequently as they would like to, because of these 2 reasons!

Voice Enabled Panoramic Sunroof
Panoramic Sunroof
  1. Wireless Charging

How hard is it to plug in your phone? Not too hard right? I do understand the convenience that wireless charging brings along, but is it useful in cars? Not really. Primarily because they’re so slow. A USB slot would charge your phone much much faster than a wireless one. In a lot of cars, it is also very difficult to find the right position for your phone on a wireless charger! Even after you find it, one big pothole might make your efforts go to waste. I might as well just use a cable and get out with a fully charged battery.

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging
  1. G-Force Indicator

This is probably that one piece of information that no one ever uses. Even while off-roading, people hardly ever refer to the numbers on the G-Force indicators to make their next move. Things like vehicle angles, power and torque figures can still be used by a small number of people, but not the G-Force Meter. This is probably the most unused feature on this list of fancy tech features we don’t need.

G-Force Indicator
  1. Screen Mirroring

How often do you mirror your phone’s screen onto your car’s infotainment, never, right? Well, neither does anyone else, especially after Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have come into the picture. This feature is not only useless; it is also a safety hazard.

Useless Car Features: Mirrorlink Connectivity
Useless Car Features: Mirrorlink Connectivity
  1. Voice Command (ones that don’t work)

Now, voice commands are a blessing. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, all have made our lives easier in some way or the other. But do you think you need a voice assistant to roll down a window? One-touch up and down windows are more than enough convenience for the driver. For a car that doesn’t have one-touch windows, you’re surely not getting voice commands either! Moreover, more than half of these commands don’t even work when we need them to.

Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition

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So here was a list of some fancy tech features we don’t need on our cars! Would you like to add/remove something from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Agree with you 100%. I insisted on getting a car with some of these fancy features and now I find I’m not using many of them. But I have paid for them anyway.

  2. This is purely subjective. What you expressed is your personal opinion. When you said ‘We’ I understand it as first person singular as used by royalty.


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