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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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VW’s Independent Journey Towards Affordable Electric Mobility

Volkswagen EVs, a renowned name in the automotive industry also known as “People’s Car” has decided to take a serious step towards its approach to the EV industry. The German manufacturer stated that it would build affordable electric cars on its own, forgoing partnerships with other competitor brands in the market. “We plan to reveal our cost-effective, compact EVs by the year of 2027”, said the brand in May ’24.


Why is Volkswagen planning to build Affordable EVs?

Despite being Europe’s largest carmaker, Volkswagen has been defeated by the Chinese automotive brands in the EV industry. Brands like BYD, offering high-tech EVs at an affordable price of 20,000 are becoming prevalent throughout Europe. People are considering EVs over combustion vehicles since they get subsidies for them. Keeping this in mind, Volkswagen has made this decision to tackle the Chinese competitors and regain their brand value in the European car market.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars stated “It’s about entry-level Electric Mobility from Europe to Europe”. The Brand committed, “Despite the attractive price, our EVs will set standards in terms of technology, design, and quality”. Schäfer also said “Electromobility from Europe to Europe is only possible with political support and competitive framework conditions”.

What future really is there for Volkswagen EVs?


This time Volkswagen seems more accountable than ever for developing electric vehicles. The brand has faced a few setbacks in the past in developing EVs, so it will be a revolution in the history of Volkswagen manufacturing, keeping the fact of forgoing partnerships in the mind, if the brand ends up executing its plan successfully.

Is forgoing partnerships necessary? Our opinion

As an automobile servicing company, our views on this are straight to the point. We think the decision to forgo partnership with peers is not merely a move for setting standards of accountability but also to make Chinese brands aware of their hold on Europe’s automotive market. The certainty brand had in its statements, they really seem to be confident about their plan.

If Volkswagen ends up launching affordable EVs, people in Europe will more likely buy VW’s EVs rather than Chinese brand’s because of the trust.

We’ll get to know all of it soon, so till then, stay connected with us for upcoming news and updates about Volkswagen and the automotive industry.


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