Monsoons have just arrived and so has the hassle! With waterlogged streets a common sight, day and night rainfall has led to severe flooding of metropolitans and small towns alike. With continuous rainfall, a common phenomenon, the unexpectedness of it all can make your beloved vehicles get stuck inside water for hours. But god forbid that happens, here is what you can do.

  1. Do Not Turn The Engine On!

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    NO NO! Do not turn the engine on!

    Well, first things first, if you happen to be stuck in a pool of water with no way out, just do not turn your vehicle on. If your vehicle stops amidst water, turning the engine on again can turn out to be fatal for your engine. Turning your engine amidst water can lead to a “hydro lock”; a situation where water damages your engine pistons. And trust us when we say it, that’s the worst thing that can happen to your vehicle.

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  2. Escape Your vehicle

    Escape your vehicle

    It is no rocket science that when you’re trapped inside a flooding vehicle, then the first thing you do is escape! Since heavy monsoons have a reputation of turning ugly in no time, escaping your vehicle would be a smarter thing to do. This way, you wouldn’t panic and will be able to make decisions that will actually help you.

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  3. Call Your Insurance Company


    To make sure the damage does not drain your finances, make sure to call up your insurance company and inform them about the mishap. Since flood damage is usually covered under comprehensive (fire and theft) insurance, you may be saved from losing your beloved vehicle forever. And since your insurance company will be “flooded” with calls, it is smart to start the process a little early.

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  4. Get Your Vehicle Towed

    Get your vehicle towed

    Now that you’ve called up your insurance company, it’s time to get your vehicle towed. Call up your emergency service partners, car manufacturer or GoMechanic! And get your vehicle to a safe space, where it can dry off and damage assessed. If possible tow it to the nearest service centre, as there your vehicle will get the due attention it deserves.

  5. Plan Out The Repair/Claim Process

    A GoMechanic Workshop In Gurugram
    A GoMechanic Workshop In Gurugram

    Once your car is towed to a safer place and dried up, assess for the damage that has been caused and plan out the repair through an insurance claim or otherwise. You can even get in touch with GoMechanic, where our expert technicians will advise you about what can be done further.

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    Whatever the situation might be, a calm state of mind can help you sail through it. Till, then stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog, where we bring to you more than just automotive.

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