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Friday, July 12, 2024
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What’s New with BMW’s Latest i4 Model?

BMW has rolled out an exciting update to its popular i4 model, bringing a series of design refreshments and technological upgrades to the forefront. These changes aim to enhance the aesthetic appeal and user experience, ensuring the i4 remains a competitive player in the luxury electric vehicle market. Here’s what’s new with the BMW i4.

Updated Features of the BMW i4

New Headlights and Tail Lights:

The BMW i4 now features enhanced headlights and tail lights that boost both the vehicle’s visual appeal and road safety. The new LED headlights provide improved illumination, adapting better to various conditions for safer driving. At the rear, the redesigned tail lights lend a sophisticated flair to the i4, ensuring it stands out in traffic.

Matte Honeycomb Pattern Grille:

The grille on the i4 has received a stylish update with a matte honeycomb pattern, enhancing its modern and elegant appearance. BMW offers customization options for the grille surround, available in standard matte chrome or an optional gloss black finish, allowing owners to personalise their car’s exterior to suit their style.

Enhanced Interior Technology of the BMW i4


Updated Steering Wheel

Inside the BMW i4, the updated steering wheel catches the eye with its illuminated buttons, marrying futuristic design with practicality. This allows for a smooth interaction with the car’s features, from audio to settings, enhancing both functionality and the driving experience.

Curved Infotainment Display

Central to the i4’s interior is the curved infotainment display equipped with the latest iDrive 8.5 system. This high-resolution touchscreen merges flawlessly with the car’s various functions, offering drivers easy access to entertainment, navigation, and connectivity features. The display ensures clear visuals and intuitive usability, making every trip enjoyable and well-informed.

Performance and Efficiency of the BMW i4

The BMW i4 combines striking design with cutting-edge performance. Its potent electric drivetrain provides exhilarating acceleration and nimble handling, ensuring a dynamic driving experience. Additionally, the i4 is designed for long distances, equipped with long-range capabilities and fast-charging options, minimising downtime on longer trips. This model redefines electric mobility, emphasising both power and endurance.


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