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3 Reasons Why Your Next Car Shouldn’t Be Black

While there is no denying the fact that the colour black is hands down the most beautiful and classy looking colour on a vehicle, there are other factors too that must be considered before bringing home a black beauty. And even though the looks of the colour black might seem too good to resist, do not let the beauty of it get the better of your practicality. Because bringing home a black vehicle, requires a lot to be kept in mind. So despite all the good looks, here’s why your next car shouldn’t be black.

  1. High Maintenance

    From Dust to scratches, everything seems a little too much on black!

    The moment you get a black beauty home, be ready to spend a fortune on maintaining the beauty of your vehicle. This is because the colour black demands the highest maintenance from amongst all the colours. From scratches to swirl marks, almost everything can easily manifest over the black base, evidently visible every time you take your vehicle out for a spin. That’s why when you’ve got a black beauty home, frequent car washes, polishing, rubbing and overall cleaning would be a regular thing to do. And don’t forget, that a black car would always need a good detailing session to be as good as it was on its first day!

  2. As hot as it gets

    As hot as it gets

    This is something that doesn’t need any lengthy explanation. The colour black is infamous for its thermal properties. This is because a black vehicle will absorb the sun’s heat to the greatest extent when compared to other colours. That’s not where the story ends, not only is the heat absorbed more but it is also reflected less; thereby increasing the overall temperature of your cabin. Thus, if you happen to live in a place that’s moderately hot all year round, then your AC will have to work overtime if you’ve got a black beast.

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  3. Priced Higher than usual

    Tata Motor’s Dark Edition All-Black Car Collection

    Last but definitely not least black vehicles are often pitched as special editions, dark editions, night editions etc. so that the OEMs can capitalize on the fact that the colour black does look a class apart. This means that to bring home a black beauty, you will generally be required to pay more than usual.

    So these were 3 reasons why your next car shouldn’t be black. But despite all the cons if you still believe in the supremacy of the colour black, we’ve got some good news as well! Check out: The Black Beauty | Why Your Next Car Should Be Black!

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  1. Why you make public fools? Last month you wrote why you should buy black and now you say why shouldn’t buy black. I expect a blogger should have clear stand on their opinion. But your article makes me think otherwise

    • Hey Rajesh,

      As an automotive blog, it is our prime duty to showcase both sides of the coin to our readers. We firmly believe that an informed decision is the one that is taken after knowing both sides. So stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog and happy reading!

    • At GoMechanic, we firmly believe in putting forth all sides of the coin before our readers. Thanks for staying pinned to the GoMechanic blog. There’s a lot more automotive excitement coming your way!

  2. This isn’t why. It’s because everybody owns a black car. Therefore the probability of it being in a crash is higher. If everyone owned a yellow car, the yellow car would be higher than black. Has nothing to do with nighttime.

    • Well, it’s common knowledge that the colour black isn’t the best reflector of light, and thus it is always difficult to see the colour black during the night when lighting conditions are already low.

    • Nobody owns a black car. I hardly ever see one on the road. Not even hearses are black nowadays. Black is a terrible colour for a car. Hard to see, hard to keep clean.

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