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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Winter Car Care | Get Your Car Winter Ready

“Winter is coming” it is time to get your car winter ready. This winter season is going to be tough for you as well as your car. A few easy preventive preparations are all it takes to gear-up for the worst the weather has to offer.

Watch the video to know more about paint protection

Our top winter car care tips:

  • Car service first!

First thing first! Get your car a top-to-bottom comprehensive service at the latest. Although, the winter season can cause a host of other problems, half of it can be easily prevented with a complete car service. An oil change, fuel filter replacement, transmission oil replacement, a car wash is a must.

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  • Check the tyres

This is one step you don’t want to skip. Your car tyres are the only point of contact with the road. Not only this, car tyres play a crucial role in steering and braking functions.

Go Tip: Ensure a minimum tread depth of 2mm on your car tyres for optimal road grip.

Low tyres pressure can cause stability issues. So, keep an eye on the tyres and ensure proper tyre pressure especially, if it has passed the 5-year mark. Replace with brand new tyres if necessary.

If you are looking for wheel care services for your car, we highly recommend GoMechanic’s total wheel care package. Get tyre rotation, wheel alignment and wheel balancing at the lowest prices in your city.

  • Get the heater/defroster serviced

Like the AC in summer, the heater will be your best friend this winter. A fully functional heater ensures a comfortable cabin for the occupants and a defroster helps in better visibility. Get the heater core checked along with optimum coolant level. Also, lookout for a faulty blower fan or a busted thermostat. We know you want to “chill” in your car, but it’s better not to take it literally.

Drop down to your nearest GoMechanic workshop for a FREE general inspection and we will be glad to assist you.

  • Top up the fuel tank

Running your car low on petrol can cause condensation to form in the car tank. With moisture in the system, it can cause serious damage to the fuel lines and the fuel injectors, eventually some very expensive repairs.

  • Don’t forget the lights

With winter, comes fog (smog for Delhi folks!) and when you are on the road, your car headlights are your eyes. Poor visibility is a primary reason for accidents and mishaps during winter. Check the headlights with fully functioning high and low beam. If your car has fog lights, make sure the lenses are free of any haze or scratches. Check the clips and ensure proper electrical connection.

  • Buck up the battery

The car battery takes a massive hit when the temperature goes south. You will notice some cranking issues every now and then which is normal but, if your car battery is older than 4 years, you need to keep a watch for the volts dropping. The last thing you’ll want is your car stalling on you in your mid-commute. Take action and get a FREE car battery inspection at GoMechanic.

  • Wax the winter away

The winter season also brings along paint corrosion. Moisture build-up on the surface can lead to rust and oxidation. Adding to that, the rising air pollution levels with corrosive elements which can eat up the paint. So, it is the best idea to get a proper coat of wax protection on your car to winter-proof your car.

Go Tip: Put a dab of wax on the headlights, this will create a slippery barrier preventing mist formation.

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  • Pack up for an emergency!

Jumper wires, water bottle, flashlight and a first aid kit is a must. Keeping an emergency kit is a good habit regardless of any season.

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Akshat Ajeya
Akshat Ajeya
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