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10 Legendary Longest Production Cars in India

From the day the Indian automotive industry was born to till date, hundreds of cars have contributed to its amazing success. All of them have made the industry worth praising and now it is one of the most successful sectors in the country. In this journey, there are cars which are considered next to immortal and played a really important role. Let’s have a look at 10 longest production cars that are the torch bearers of the advent of the industry in India.

  1. Hindustan Ambassador | The King Of Indian Roads

    Hindustan Motors Ambassador
    Hindustan Motors Ambassador

    This is the very car no one can ever forget. It is next to impossible a person doesn’t have a memory of the car. Well, this was bound to happen as the Ambassador was in the production phase for about 56-years. The car rolled out on the roads in 1958 and with the end of the company Hindustan motors, the car ended its production in 2014. The HM Ambassador is far from being forgotten as it was here for more than half a century.

  2. Premier Padmini | The REAL Taxi

    Premier Padmini S1 | Credits: TeamBHP
    Premier Padmini | Credits: TeamBHP

    The Premier Padmini is the next in the line to be considered as the memory car. It was the immediate rival to the also popular Ambassador. For those who do not know, the premier was a re-badged Fiat 1100. Through its generations, it saw many name changes, from the president and later to Padmini. In the year 1964, the car came to life and was in production until the year 2000. After 36 years the car is now resting and enjoying its retirement.

  3. Maruti Omni | The 90s Kid’s Worst Dream

    Maruti Suzuki Omni
    Maruti Suzuki Omni

    The car which is famous not by its name but by the work it was used for, yes! kidnapping. The Maruti Omni came in the market in the year 1984 by a simple name ‘Van’ and later it was renamed to its current name. The ‘Van’ was famous for transporting 5-8 people to their destination at the lowest cost possible. The Omni was going strong before being discontinued last year (2019) maybe because of the new emission norms. The Omni was here in production for 35years.

  4. Maruti Gypsy | Off-Roading lord

    Maruti Gypsy 1985
    Maruti Gypsy 1985

    The Maruti Gypsy came to the Indian market in the year 1985 and instantly became the countries one of the first 4X4 vehicles. For almost every Indian, this is the car on which he/she learnt offroading. The Gypsy had the perfect combination of the engine and gearbox configuration which made learning a piece of cake. The Maruti Gypsy is also considered as the rally car for India. Sadly, in 2019 the Gypsy went out of production but, it ruled the mountains for 34 years.

  5. Maruti 800 | No Introduction required!

    Maruti 800
    Maruti 800

    It is impossible to forget the car that established the Maruti Suzuki’s image. Maruti 800 is one of the cars that everybody bought back in the days when it was new. The car came in the market in 1986 and became a hit. There was a time when there were only 800s seen on roads, that to white 800s. It is still the wannabe car for all the cars currently on roads. The 800 was lost into eternity in the year 2014 and enjoyed its period of 28 years.

  6. Tata Sumo | Deserts Conquerer

    The first generation of the Sumo
    The first generation of the Sumo | longest production cars India

    If you’ve ever been to hills this is the car hard to miss. Well, there is a really good chance that you sat in one while travelling. Tata Sumo was the toughest peoples mover. Though it was luxurious neither was it too bland. The Tata Sumo hit the roads in the year 1994 and stopped its production in 2019 maybe because to be relaunched with new BS6 engine. The car also served the nation as a robust military vehicle.

  7. Tata Safari | Live the legacy

    First Generation Safari (1998-2005)
    First Generation Safari (1998-2005)

    The car that started the SUV trend in India was the Tata Safari in 1998. But it was not before 2000 that the car became famous and people started buying the brawny SUV. The car had the big, bulky and macho appeal with more than decent offroading capabilities. On the contrary, this car was popular with the politicians in their rallies. Moreover, there was a time when there was a Safari almost every home in Punjab. The car was discontinued in 2019 to be relaunched after the BS6 engine upgrade.

  8. Tata Indica | More car per car

    Tata Indica | Forgotten Hatchback In India
    Tata Indica | longest production cars india

    In 1998 the Tata Indica was showcased at the Auto Expo. Indica was the first car to be manufactured in India after its design from the Italian firm I.DE.A. Indica was spacious from inside and was the ideal car for a taxi. The car came with a petrol and a diesel engine. The car enjoyed picking and dropping people for 20 years. It was in the year 2018 when Tata ended India’s production.

  9. Mahindra bolero | An Armada for everyone

    2020 Mahindra Bolero BS6 facelift
    2020 Mahindra Bolero BS6 facelift

    When it comes to the Sumo’s rival Bolero is the first name that pops in our heads. Like the Sumo, this car was also a people mover in the hilly areas. A person looking for a robust car to move people with decent comfort Bolero it was. This Mahindra is still enjoying its tenure of 20 years and counting.

  10. Maruti Versa/Eeco | The Real MPV

    Maruti Suzuki Eeco
    Maruti Suzuki Eeco | longest production cars india

    The MPV came to the Indian markets in 2001 by the name Versa and later in 2010 it was discontinued to be re-launched as Eeco. Thought the former Verna never saw the sale figures Maruti was expecting. So a rework was required, after which the MPV got a sudden boom in its sales. The car is still in production after the newly launched BS6 Eeco.

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