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14 Best Car Accessories To Buy: Monsoon Edition

Monsoon is around the corner, and thus, we have come up with a list of best car accessories that you would absolutely find useful in tackling a rainy day. So here are the 30 best car accessories for this monsoon.

Best Car Accessories – Rainy Season Edition

We recommend the best car accessories, this monsoon, should be bought from GoMechanic. Why? Well, due to its jaw-dropping prices, wide variety of brands, and because it is a trusted network.

1) Window Visors – Link
Window Visor
Window Visor

Planning to enjoy the cool weather outside by opening your windows? Buy these window visors, to protect the rain from coming in even when windows are open by a quarter! This is bound to be one of your best car accessories! Buy it at the link above at its best price!

2) Car Body Cover – Link
Car Cover: Best Car accessories
Car Cover

A car body cover is absolutely essential in order to keep your car looking clean and new on a rainy day. Apart from that, these best car accessories prevent potential scratches that can be made by cars moving near your parking space.

Pro tip – Don’t use this if you intend to park your car outside in the open. In the rain, the cover may stick to the body of the car and when the sun comes out, the cover sticks to the body due to heat. While removing the cover, the car paint could peel off causing immense damage to the paint.

Thus, use a water/heat resistant car cover. Here’s the link for a specific one – Link

3) Paint Protection Film – Link
Ford Endeavour Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection Film | GoMechanic

Paint protection film or PPF is one of the best car accessories to buy for the rainy season. It gives the car an extra layer between the harsh outside environment and car paint.

Click on the link in the next point to find the difference between PPF & Ceramic Coating

4) Or Ceramic Coating – Link
Ceramic vs Teflon vs PPF: Which is the best for your car?
Ceramic vs Teflon vs PPF: Which is the best for your car?

Ceramic coating is an alternative to PPF coating. It also plays a similar role as the PPF coating does. However, there are a few differences. Check out – Teflon Vs Ceramic Vs Paint Protection Film; Which One Is The Best?

5) Anti Fog Membrane – Link
Monsoon car Accessories
Anti-Fog Membrane

As the name suggests, an anti-fog membrane is a membrane (transparent layer) placed over side view mirrors. The transparent sticker coating makes the water slide quickly, which in turn prevents fogging, and mist/dew condensation. This ensures a clear view to the driver, on rainy and foggy days.

6) Rain Repellent – Link
rain repellent
rain repellent

A rain repellent is one of the best car accessories. It forms a clear plastic film/coating that absorbs all rain and related particles to improve visibility to the driver. It also assists in giving a shiny finish to the glass.

7) Mirror Protection – Link

Mirror protection can easily be regarded as one of the most underrated accessories, among all the best car accessories. It acts as a protection film on side-view mirrors giving a clear view to the driver on a rainy/foggy day.

8) Mud Guard – Link
Mud Flap
Mud Flap

A mudguard or a mudflap is the most commonly known accessory out of all the best car accessories. It is essentially a flat piece that is generally made of rubber, to provide protection to the car’s body from dirt, water and mud thrown by the moving tires (which is why it is placed near the tire).

9) Rubber Mats – Link
7D Floor Mats
7D Floor Mats

Rubber mats are floor mats made out of rubber. Buying this kind of mat is better than a conventional carpet mat. This is because the dirt from rubber mats can easily be brushed away as compared to conventional mats.

10) Pedal Covers – Link
pedal cover
pedal cover

As the name says it all, it is a cover for the 3 (or 2) pedals of your car – the accelerator, clutch, and brake. It is a boon in rainy conditions, as it saves your pedals from getting greasy and slippery, preventing mishaps. So the next time you step into your car with a solied piece of footwear due to the mud and slush caused by the rain, you’ll be thanking yourself for investing in one of the best car accessories.

11) Microfiber Cloth – Link
Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is not an ordinary cloth. It is different from a regular cotton one. Microfiber material is a polyester and nylon blend cloth, which makes it very fine and thin. In fact, it’s thinner by 3 times than cotton cloth. This makes it more efficient in wiping off all dirty elements from your precious car’s interior.

12) Wiper Blade – Link
GoMechanic Vision - Wiper Blades
GoMechanic Vision – Wiper Blades

A wiper blade is quite an obvious addition to your car. Ensure that the stock wiper blades of your car are functioning properly and are not worn off. If these are not properly maintained or are not replaced at their appropriate time, it could lead to severe damage to the windscreen of your car. Some signs include screeching noise emitted while engaging the wipers.

13) Washer fluid – Link
Washer Fluid
Washer Fluid

Washer fluid is a fluid (generally consisting of methanols) that is used to lubricate the windscreen while using wipers. Monsoon season can prove to have much debris, and leaves fall onto your car, which can’t be removed alone by wipers. Thus, some amount of fluid is essential to clear off some difficult mess.

14) Fog Lamps – Link
Car Fog Lamps // Image for representation

Rain has a direct relation to fog. In the monsoon season, rain is often followed by dense fog. Thus, installing fog lamps inside your car is an absolute must. Although many new-age cars have this feature, many old cars don’t have this. Also, read about fog lamps in detail here – Fog Lights/Cornering Light | Everything You Need To Know

Where to buy these best car accessories from?

GoMechanic Accessories
GoMechanic Accessories

Since we have talked about all the best car accessories you need to have, we might as well talk about the place from where you should buy these. We recommend you buy these from GoMechanic. The links provided adjacent to the accessory mentioned is the place from which you should buy them. Moreover, at GoMechanic, you find the a perfect combination of best prices, excellent quality and easy policies for maximum customer satisfaction!

So this was all about the best car accessories to buy this monsoon, or even during other seasons. Do follow GoMechanic and the GoMechanic Blog for regular updates like these.


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