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GoMechanic, Now Certified By NSDC Under Skill India Mission

GoMechanic is proud to partner with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) under its Skill India Mission and working towards identifying and up-skilling critical skill groups in the Indian automotive industry.

GoMechanic was founded in 2016 and operates out of 1200+ multi-brand car service centers and employs over 7000 mechanics, technicians and specialists.

The Problem

The Aftermarket Indian Automotive service and maintenance sector has been unorganised till now. Customers’ major pain points are Quality of Services, Authenticity of Spare Parts, Real-time updates, After Service Support, and Genuine Billing. GoMechanic has consistently worked on solving these problems and provided the best results with easily accessible apps, supportive staff, and end-to-end invoicing.

The Solution

GoMechanic has been consistently generating employment opportunities and boosting the skill level of unskilled labour/mechanics by providing the necessary training and growth opportunity to every individual with GoMechanic.

With the intervention of GoMechanic, the automobile sector has witnessed a considerable rise in the skilful labour count. Moreover, we have contributed positively to the up-gradation of the skillset and knowledge of the labour class to uplift their career ladder.

About GoMechanic’s 3-Tier Technician Training Program

GoMechanic Unique 3-Tier Mechanic Training Module
GoMechanic Unique 3-Tier Mechanic Training Module

Every mechanic, technician and specialist across all GoMechanic workshops undergo rigorous training and orientation programs per OEM industry standards.

We ensure all workshops are standardised and well-equipped and have introduced a unique 3-Tier training module that allows our mechanics to hone and elevate their skillset. These include:

1. Elementary Workshop Training
2. Intermediate Workshop Training
3. Advanced Workshop Training

Moreover, GoMechanic also organizes on-ground orientation on Technical Intervention and Core Soft-Skill Training at the workshop level with their proprietary Workforce/Garage App; all the mechanics are given exposure to automation.

NSDC – Skill India Program

All GoMechanic Mechanics/Technicians/Specialists are trained to become well-versed with technology, not just with tools but with our Workforce/Garage App, where all mechanics are exposed to automated operations. We have consistently developed work opportunities and raised the skill level of unskilled labour/mechanics by providing these vital training and growth opportunities to every individual with GoMechanic.

Such efforts would go a long way in contributing to the Skill India Mission and can have a snowball effect on reaching an even more significant part of the automobile sector.

Akshat Ajeya
Lead, Content & Creatives at GoMechanic | Automobile Scale Model Collector | DIY guy | Consumer of many foods | CVT is not that bad


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