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5 Cars That Can [Probably] Tackle Waterlogging Easily!

While we won’t say that monsoon has arrived, the skies have surely poured down over several areas lately. And with unexpected rains comes a chain of problems, with waterlogging being the most irritating one. But with these vehicles by your side, that too won’t be a problem. At least that’s what we hope because after all driving over clogged waters is nothing short of a skill. So here are 5 cars that can probably tackle waterlogging easily.

  1. Tata Punch

    Tata Punch
    Tata Punch

    The newly launched compact SUV from the house of Tata Motors is a charm in many ways. Not only does it offer an exceptional package for a price that is affordable, but it also comes with 5-star safety and complete peace of mind. But another thing that sets apart the Punch is its massive ground clearance of 187 mm that helps it breeze over waterlogged areas without breaking a sweat, provided that the driver is careful and cautious.

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  2. Skoda Slavia

    Skoda Slavia
    Skoda Slavia

    While it may seem that sedans struggle the most when it comes to waterlogged roads and large bumps, that’s totally not the case with the all-new Skoda Slavia. Not only is the vehicle absolutely gorgeous, full of top-notch tech, and truly power-packed. It also offers a ground clearance of 179 mm; a number that is quite unexpected for a sedan, helping the vehicle tackle tough roads like a boss.

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  3. Kia Sonet

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    Kia Sonet

    The affordable compact SUV from Kia, the Sonet comes brings in a value for money package that is hard to resist. Placed in a highly competitive segment, when it comes to ground clearance, the Sonet truly shines with its 211 mm of ground clearance, adding to its use case as a highly diverse and practical compact SUV that does not shy away when the roads get tough.

  4. Alturas G4

    Mahindra Alturas G4
    Mahindra Alturas G4

    When it comes to making a true-blue SUV, there is no one better than Mahindra; a company that breathes and lives SUVs. The Alturas G4, much like the entire inventory of Mahindra is one irresistible vehicle. It offers so much in its package that it is indeed one of the most practical SUVs out there. The cherry on the cake, however, is the fact that the Alturas G4 has one of India’s highest ground clearances ever to be offered in a vehicle. The number is 244mm, something that can make even newbies hover over the waterlogged roads like an absolute pro.

  5. Mahindra Thar

    Mahindra Thar

    The people’s favourite SUV cult, the Mahindra Thar is one SUV that is known for its 4×4 avatar and is widely renowned as an off-road king in India. As is its reputation, the Thar can truly take on rough terrains and is capable enough to treat waterlogged roads, as rather a playground, something that owners love to do to have a mini off-road kick.

    So these were 5 cars that can probably take on waterlogged roads like a boss if driven strategically. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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