You don’t need to be Inspector Gadget to know how having the correct devices at the right time can change your life. Car accessories and gadgets are exciting to look at. But most cool ones you find seem to be priced too high. Well here’s a list of the 5 most amazing cheap car accessories you can buy right now for under 2k.

  1. GoDryfit UV sterilisation box and portable charger

    Two in one UV sterilization box an portable charger
    Two in one UV sterilization box and portable charger

    This portable charger under 2k is the perfect addition to your car for a safer ride. The charger has UV a sterilisation chamber that kills up to 99% of germs. It is perfect for masks, car keys, your phone and other small nicknacks you carry around in your car.

    With this car accessory, you can pretty much sanitise any small object the moment you get back to your car, instead of having to wait till you reach home.

  2. Blackout multipurpose charger

    Top 5 cheapest car accessories- Blackout multiple use charger
    Blackout multiple-use charger

    You can never have too many USB cables in your car. Always keep extras in your car, even when you think you may not need them. Whether it is an extra i-phone charger, a b type or a c type cable chances are it will end up saving someone’s life at some point.

    We recommend getting Blackout’s OEM approved device which comes with multiple charging cables. This one charger could help you power an Android device, an i phone, a computer, a tablet and a laptop. The best part of course is that you can get this car accessory for under Rs 300.

  3. Inflatable Car Mattress

    cheap car accessory
    Inflatable Car Bed

    If you are a bohemian soul who plans on getting his own minivan camper someday, you might find this one exciting. The inflatable mattress fits perfectly onto the back seat of your car transforming it into a makeshift bed or just the perfect lounge for a more comfortable journey. We’d say this is the perfect accessory to have in your trunk for those long road trips.

  4. Neutron 4500 vacuum cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner for car
    Vacuum cleaner with attachments

    Thought portable vacuum cleaners were expensive? The Neutron 4500 vacuum cleaner is available for just Rs 799 on the GoMechanic Accessories website. With strong suction, low noise, a washable filter and multiple attachments for different situations, the Neutron 4500 is a steal for the price.

  5. Turbo Wireless Charging Pad

    wireless charger pad
    Go Mechanic Turbo Charging Pad

    The GoMechanic Turbo Charging Pad is the perfect anti-skid solution for those who like to charge their phones on the go. The charging pad is lightweight, durable and compatible with all phones. The pad is also available with a number of mounts that help navigate using your phone while charging it.

    These were 5 of the cheapest car accessories we found useful. Which of these accessories would you like to add to your collection next?

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