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The 8 Commandments Of A Torque Convertor Transmission

In 2010, people buying their vehicles preferred economy over convenience; hence manual transmission was the choice. Fast-forwarding to the present, down with the economy, customers have started focussing on convenience. Consequently, cars offering automatic transmission have drastically flooded the carmakers’ portfolios. There are mainly 3 categories of automatic transmissions: torque converter, dual-clutch transmission, and a CVT (Continuously varying transmission). Today, among the trio, we are focussing on the torque converter and its 10 Commandments.

  1. Commandment 1#: Never be in a hurry to shift gear lever

    4-speed Automatic
    4-speed Automatic

    Thou shall try to bring the vehicle to a complete halt to shift from drive to park or reverse seamlessly.

    It is always good to bring the vehicle to a complete halt before shifting the gear lever. This allows the transmission to effortlessly move between gears as it too is not in motion. Otherwise, you may hear gears grinding which is definitely not a good sign in the long run.

  2. Commandment 2#: Coasting downhill in neutral is dangerous

    Coasting Downhill in Neutral is BAD
    Coasting Downhill in Neutral is BAD

    Thou shall try to coast downhill in manual mode with a gear engaged and not in neutral, so as to allow engine braking and reduce stress on the brakes.

  3. Commandment 3#: Don’t drive using two feet to drive

    Unless experienced, thou shall not drive a car with an automatic transmission with two feel, so as to prevent left foot braking which is dangerous if you are driving an automatic for the first time.

  4. Commandment 4#: Don’t stress the brake pedal

    Car damaging habits
    don’t rest your foot on the brake pedal

    Thou shall not try to rest your foot on the brake pedal, so as to avoid unnecessary load on the engine and the brake pads.

  5. Commandment 5#: Avoid launching your vehicle aggressively

    car damaging habits
    Revving the engine

    Unless using launch control, thou shall try not to launch the vehicle aggressively, so as to not stress the drivetrain and powertrain. Nevertheless, many modern cars come with a safety feature where you can not rev the engine beyond a certain RPM on standstill.

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  6. Commandment 6#: Towing a car with automatic is different

    Towing an Automatic Vehicle
    The right way to tow an Automatic Vehicle

    Thou shall always read the owners manual before getting your vehicle with automatic transmission towed, so as to not get your vehicle towed on ‘park’ or ‘drive’ and get something kaput.

  7. Commandment 7#: Completely depress the brake pedal on traffic signals

    Thou shall try to come to a complete halt and completely depress the brake pedal, so as to let the TCU and ECU know that you are at a halt and disengage the drivetrain. Or else, you may also put the vehicle in neutral that will also have the same effects.

  8. Commandment 8#: Don’t strain the engine and transmission on cold start

    Hyundai-Creta Engine
    Hyundai Creta Diesel Engine with a torque converter

    Thou shall try to let the engine idle for a couple of minutes and drive at a sedate pace for a couple of kilometres before stressing them, so as to the engine and transmission come at their best working temperature.

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Here were the 8 commandments of a torque converter, thou shall remember, so as to increase the life of your vehicle and transmission.

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