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ADAS Levels Explained | Smart, Smarter, Smartest

With technology growing at a fast pace, ADAS or advanced driver-assistance systems are now a common sight onboard modern-day cars. And with ADAS Level 2 now boasted as a USP, have you ever wondered how many ADAS levels are actually there? Here’s all you need to know about ADAS Levels.

The ADAS Levels

ADAS On Indian Roads - Good Or Gimmick?
ADAS On Indian Roads – Good Or Gimmick?

ADAS or advanced driver-assistance system is the future of mobility. Ranging from 0 to 5, advanced driver-assistance system Levels as we know them are agreed upon by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) as a mark of a classification system that explains the level of automation and automation equipment a car may offer. Here’s the complete description of each Level as per the SAE:

Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 0

Driving after an accident
Get behind the wheel

Well, simply states ADAS Level 0 is no automation at all. This means that the driver has 100% control over the car including every aspect involved in driving such as steering, parking, braking and manoeuvring. However, despite being at the 0 levels, it still includes features such as ESC, automatic emergency braking, ESC, blind-spot warning and lane-keeping assistance as these are features that do not essentially automate the vehicle.

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Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 1

Heads Up Display
ADAS Level 1

Level 1 implies that the vehicle has at least one driver assistance system onboard for any of the driving aspects such as steering, acceleration, braking, parking etc. In Level 1 as well, the driver needs to be 100% responsive and responsible at all times. A good example of Level 1 ADAS is adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist.

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Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 2

Astor ADAS features
Astor ADAS features

The most highly boasted USP in modern-day cars, vehicles with Level 2 ADAS have more than one system that can take over aspects such as braking, parking, steering, acceleration etc. Level 2 can take control of a vehicle; however, in this level as well, the driver needs to be alert at all times. An example of a Level 2 advanced driver-assistance system is the highway driving assist which will also feature in the upcoming Kia EV6. While this feature still requires the driver to have their hands on the wheel, but it actively brakes, accelerates and steers the car on a highway.

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Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 3

2021 Isuzu MU-X | ADAS

Also dubbed conditional driving automation, Level 3 ADAS technology makes use of several driver assistance functions in synergy with artificial intelligence to undertake decisions based on real-time comprehensive data. With Level 3 ADAS driver does not need to actively supervise the technology, however, a responsive driver still needs to be present inside the car to take over in case things go south or technology fails. As of yet, very few cars have a Level 3 advanced driver-assistance system, one of which includes the Honda Legend which comes with a traffic jam assistance system.

Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 4


Dubbed high-driving automation, Level 4 ADAS does not require a human to supervise the vehicle as the system itself is designed in such a way that the vehicle stops in case of a system malfunction. And since a human driver is not needed, the need for the steering wheel, pedals etc. is also eliminated. Level 4 is aimed to be utilized for driverless taxis, public transport, delivery vans or other vehicles meant to go from one point to another within particular geo fencing.

Advanced Driver-Assistance System Level 5

The pinnacle of driving automation and the smartest of them all, Level 5 ADAS means that a vehicle can drive, steer, brake, park, accelerate and do everything on its own without any geo-fencing restrictions or any other such conditions. The only input human needs to put on are the destination.

So these were the 6 levels of advanced driver-assistance system technology. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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