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What Is Engine Flush & Why You Should Use It!

Good health is the key to achieving optimal performance and all-around longevity. And when it comes to cars, engine health is cardinal. And the best way to ensure that is to pay attention to your vehicle’s heart; the Engine. But continuous use over the years causes deeper damage to your vehicle’s heart that can only be dealt with specialised services like engine flushing.

And being your car care experts since 2016, we take pride in pampering your vehicles with all our heart. This is why we offer top quality Engine Flushing additives and specialised engine flushing services so that you can feel the true joy of driving. But before you opt-in read on to know more about Engine Flushing.

Engine Flushing: Why do you need it?

Power, performance and mileage are the three most important things when it comes to any vehicle. Whether it is a diesel car or a petrol/CNG one, everyone loves to get their hands on the best out there. But no matter which fuel you opt for, all modern-day vehicles run by burning fuel which results in the accumulation of sooty exhaust gases. While most of this soot is filtered through components such as a particulate filter, the insides of your engine is still susceptible to acquire layers of carbon deposits that might suffocate it over time.

This phenomenon is even more evident in diesel burners and modern-day petrol burners such as the Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) units. Once your engine starts to acquire carbon deposits, direct repercussion can be seen on both vehicle performance as well as mileage. Therefore, if you suddenly start noticing a substantial drop in fuel efficiency or optimum performance, one of the many reasons for it could be engine carbonization and sludge accumulation, which in turn gives rise to a dire need for Engine Flushing

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What is Engine Flushing?

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As the name suggests Engine Flushing, is a process that flushes out the impurities from the inside of your engine by using an Engine Flush additive that facilitates the entire process. Engine Flushing involves the removal of carbon and other slurry deposits that crucial engine components acquire as a result of ageing, improper fuel burning or low-quality fuel etc. Since a serious build-up inside an engine can eventually lead to serious complications like engine valves not closing properly, spark plugs and exhaust sensor malfunction, soot spilling out of the exhaust etc., Engine Flushing is a preventive procedure that is often done to substantially improve engine life along with an improvement in power, performance and mileage.

How is an Engine Flushed?

GoMechanic’s Engine Flush and Radiator Flush Additive

The process of flushing an engine is quite a simple one. Being the owner of your beloved vehicle, you can easily carry out the flushing procedure at home. If not, you can always rely on Go Mechanic for all your vehicle needs.

First things first, to flush an engine you would require a high-grade engine flush. This is where the GoMechanic Engine Flush Additive comes to play. The Go Mechanic Engine Flush Additive is an ideal cleansing concentrate for all kinds of engines be it diesel, petrol or even CNG. The high-grade additive is capable of dispersing tough sledges, thanks to its chemical properties that can remove both oil-soluble and oil-insoluble impurities leaving no scope of errors. Being a natural product, the addictive safely operate without harming crucial engine components.

Once you’ve ordered your Go Mechanic Engine Flush, add the additive to your engine oil via the engine oil filling port. Once completely poured, idle the engine for 10 to 15 minutes. This enables the flush to mix with your engine oil, and travel to the places where the deposits are, and dissolve them with its chemical action.

Once cleaned, the oil is then drained along with much of the oil sludge that the flush was able to dissolve. You can then go on to change the oil and replace the oil filter. Voila! You have then successfully flushed your engine using the Go Mechanic Engine Flush Additive.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have an idea of what Engine Flushing actually is, you can make a better decision as to whether or not you should go for it. Nonetheless, it is a good procedure to carry out as it can deep clean components that aren’t usually reached out during a conventional service. If you find the procedure difficult to carry out then schedule a Go Mechanic car service today! Make sure to regularly visit the GoMechanic Spares, to stay up to date with our quality products and offerings. Till then, stay pinned!

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