Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay- a difficult infotainment decision. To start with, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been the game changers in the world of car infotainment. These two have completely transformed the ways you can think of to use your car’s infotainment system in pairing with your phone. Both of these enable you to mirror your phone on your car’s dash infotainment system. The users are able to access their phones via the infotainment system. This helps them avoid the discomfort of looking at their phones at multiple times while driving hence, avoiding mishaps.

The car’s infotainment, through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, can perform the numerous functions. These can be done either by touch or even by voice commands which is easier and convenient for the driver to use. To further understand both of them, let’s have a deeper insight into both of them.

Android Auto

“Android”, the name says enough. Developed by Google, and used with an Android device, this feature allows the users to mirror their Android phones to a car’s compatible infotainment system. First, the device is connected to the head unit via a compatible cable. Then, the system automatically mirrors the apps that qualify to be supported on the car’s head unit with a simple and friendly user interface.

Android Auto supports apps like web search, GPS navigation, music, SMS and basic telephony.

All these apps can be controlled both by buttons as well as the touchscreen operation. Android Auto came into formation in 2014 with Nvidia as the chief tech supplier. It was officially rolled out on 25th June 2014. 28 automobile manufacturers came together to make it a new venture in the Open Automotive Alliance and made it accessible to 28 countries.

Android Auto

Android Auto Homescreen

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The mobile device will have access to inputs and sensors like high-quality GPS Antennas, steering mounted buttons, compass, mobile antenna, etc. Your phone’s Google Assistant can also function on the Android Auto inside your car.

Just like it follows voice commands on your phone, you can make it do wonders on your car’s infotainment head too. With just a voice command you can conveniently use the assistant. Otherwise, you would have had to lift your phone. Therefore preventing you to lift your phone again and again. Want to see Google Assistant in action with Android Auto? Click here.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is a standard developed by Apple that enables a car infotainment head unit to be the main control for an iOS device. iOS 7.1 and later supports Apple CarPlay.You will be able to access this feature if you have an iPhone 5 or later version with the latest software update installed. According to Apple’s website, all major automobile manufacturers have partnered with CarPlay.An aftermarket vehicle hardware can also support its retrofitting.

Just like Android Auto, the user can control CarPlay either through the touchscreen, steering controls, or buttons on the central console. Though most of the CarPlay runs on the connected iPhone, its interface provides the audio and display connected to the car’s infotainment. Another way to access CarPlay is through some aftermarket units through the use of a dongle attachment to another tablet or computer.

Android auto vs apple carplay

Apple carplay

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The user can access many iOS apps such as Phone, Music, Apple Maps, iMessage, iBooks and Podcasts through Apple CarPlay. CarPlay also supports third-party apps like Spotify,, Google Play Music and many more. In order to develop CarPlay enabled app, the developers must apply to Apple for authorization.

Just like Android Auto had Google Assistant, iOS users are already familiar with Siri. Siri accompanies them into their car as well through CarPlay and lets the user give voice commands The user would otherwise need to pick their phone up and perform the required task. This again saves the hassle and lowers the chances of being in danger while driving. Siri can call people, send texts, navigate and even do much more just on voice command. 

I have tried my best to unfold the hidden features which you may not be known till now. But to choose between them is a two-way decision. This is because along with this choice you will have to between the two most competitive phone operating systems as well. Different people have different views regarding the OS, hence Android Auto vs Apple Carplay can be concluded when Android v/s iOS is settled.

You Decide!

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