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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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5 Ways Authorised Car Service Centres Are Cheating You!

It has become a recurring debate as to which kind of service centre to choose for car servicing. Should you go to an around-the-corner garage? Or is an authorised service centre the best choice? Both of them have their pros and cons. Look at some of the reasons why you should leave authorised service stations right now and never go back again. Ever. 

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5 ways Authorised Service Centres are Cheating you

From jacking up the bills to delivering shoddy work they only earn unhappy customers. Read on to know more about how authorised service centres and cheating you.

  1. Zero Transparency & Hidden Costs


    The authorised service stations often work in the grey. They won’t mind using unethical means. Besides, they more often than not deceive customers while servicing them. This includes component replacement without customer consent, forgery in the diagnostics sheet to increase the services needed and much more.

    Many customers have filed harassment complaints filed against these big centres for mishandling their cars. And of course, for manipulating them. Also, this is not limited to service centres of Indian carmakers like Maruti Suzuki or Tata. Service stations of foreign companies like Mercedes Benz and BMW are a big let down too!

    So to get to the bottom of this, our experts cross-examined various customer complaints. They did not miss some of the cheap tricks played by authorised service centres meaning to rob you blind.

    5 Ways Authorised Service Centers Cheat You
    ASCs have their ways in manipulating customers

    The ASC added unnecessary services to the job card to hike up the bill. This later got scrapped off upon careful inspection and complaint by the customer.

    Look at one more example of such random additions to the bill. A Maruti Suzuki car service centres did this.

    Maruti Suzuki | Service Center Bill
    Maruti Suzuki | Service Center Bill

    So what are we looking at? From the bill, you can see that synthetic oil was used instead of mineral oil (suggested by their own manuals). Next, you should look at item number 9 in the parts section. Here, Grease, calliper Assy is totally unnecessary. This is required only when they are replacing the brakes. (And they weren’t replacing any brakes)

    Items 2, 3 & 4 under the head Labour are useless additions too! All in the hopes of a naive customer who would suspect nothing.

    The copies of the receipt and labour rates attached here are both missing the TIN and Invoice number.

    Also, the labour itself is costing more than the engine oil!

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  2. A Test of your Patience


    In an ASC, with so many cars lined up for servicing, it might take longer than the estimated time for you to get your car back. Moreover, some customers have even complained of time delays as high as 2.5-3 months. According to the Customer Forum report, this was for a one-month service estimate. So, unless you have a spare vehicle to use in the meantime, you will have a hard time commuting.

  3. No Customization Options For Your Vehicle


    Authorised service centres have always stayed away from modifying car parts. Even if this meant meeting the owner’s performance requirements. Though some dealers have started employing this in their available services, serious customers still prefer the corner garages. This is because the latter have more experienced staff for aftermarket parts and modifications. So, if you are looking for better cost-effective customization of your car, choose individual shops over dealerships.

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  4. You’re often just a number to the ASC

    In big service stations, your car is just one among a hundred cars that need looking at. Because of this, the personal touch is lost. You don’t even know, which mechanic is working on your car. Besides, the recommendations for the future are made by service advisors. Rather than suggesting actual service needs needed in the future, they just try to get you to pay more.

    Tata Concorde
    Tata Concorde

    However, if there is a direct relationship between the car owner and mechanic you would be much more confident about the service done on your vehicle. Trust us, it won’t be the same with an authorised car service centre.

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  5. Corporate relationships weigh more than customer satisfaction for ASCs

    Your car is one of the biggest investments you make. You want the best for your car. You want your car to be pampered and you want it to be showered with love. But this won’t be happening with an authorised service centre.

    Maruti Suzuki Dealership
    Maruti Suzuki Dealership

    This is because the dealership owners have to pay a hefty sum to the vehicle manufacturers to use their name. As a result, they have to answer to them more, their customers. In such a case, these service stations might not always put your car first. At the cost of watering their corporate ties, they might have to sacrifice customer satisfaction from time to time.

    An annual survey of Consumer Report subscribers found that independents outscored dealership service once again for overall satisfaction, price, quality, courteousness of the staff, and work is completed when promised.

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So stop taking your car to the ASCs! Let’s not sugarcoat the hard truth that ASCs are more or less looting you. It is high time to shift to other options. Why don’t you go to your nearest ’round the corner mechanic to let your car know it is loved? Or you can visit servicing portals, such as GoMechanic, for easier, effortless servicing. We are partial to the latter, though. Wink.

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  1. I do not think that all what is stated is correct. With authorized service centers one has the option of accountability and grievance. But I am sorry to say after your transaction is complete with the customers you do not entertain any grievance.

  2. Similar experience for me.
    First Experience – I got my car serviced. I was told a part was unavailable (side light assembly). I asked if the same could be made available later (was willing to pay advance also). And the buddy told me it will be available and you can get it installed in couple of days. Later when I contacted the buddy he simply said the part is not available.
    In the same service, buddy sent me a bill (much later) of 9549/-. The person who came for delivery actually charged me 9563/-. I accept that it was a overlooking from my side and the amount is small. But it just shows there is huge disconnect between your on ground team and call center people.

    Second Experience – I booked a used car inspection. Now your app says it can be done at your premises as well. When the buddy contacted he said it will be difficult. While he still sent the mechanic but gave a caveat that it will not be as good as garage checking. I appreciated the candor but why do you then offer it as a service in your website.

    Third Experience – Once I visited your website, I was getting advertisements of car restoration. It suggested the number of users you have helped whose cars were not working due to lockdowns. Again, somebody contacted me from call center and told me its not possible to help since my car did-not have air. I mean why there is always some hidden part to the whole communication. The buddy tries to explain it to you but its not what you advertise. A car sitting in lock down will have all kinds of issues.

  3. What if a car is under warranty, does getting serviced from your garages create some issues…. Is it mandatory to get it done only through authorised service station


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