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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Kia Seltos Experiences Gearbox Problem: DCT malfunction

Korean automaker, Kia Motor launched a compact SUV in the Indian market in the mid-2019 under the name of Kia Seltos. It proved to be a great start for the company as the sales number crossed the 30,000 units since it’s revealing in May 2019. Over 65,000 have been booked by the customers.

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  • But not everything is perfect. There has been a major issue highlighted by Sandygordon on TeamBHP’s official page. The issue is with the gearbox of Seltos. 
  • According to Sandygordon, the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) of his Kia Seltos gets stuck in the second gear and then directly shifts to the fourth gear while skipping the third gear. He as faced the issue three times in the past month.

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  • While downshifting also, the gear gets shifted to second from fourth directly, again skipping the third gear. What’s more problematic is that the car does not go to the gear one of drive mode at all.
  • When he restarts the car, the problem gets fixed, but temporarily. When he visited an authorised Kia service centre, he was told that there was some issue with the code which was preventing the gear actuator from shifting to odd-numbered gears which were 1st, 3rd and the 5th gear. 
  • The technicians fixed the code and saw no further error in the diagnostics. The advisors at the Kia service station also asked the owner to make a video if he faces the same problem again. 

See the video here.

  • Kia motor recalled Seltos with the same issue in Korea. The issue of gear actuator not selecting the odd-numbered gears can be a mechanical fault. The notice given by Kia to the customers stated that some DCT models of Seltos are suffering an issue that the car only drives at the even-numbered gears.

Do you own a Kia Seltos? Do let us know in the comments if you are facing such issues. 

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  1. Bought a Seltos in late June 2020, by week 1 of november transmission shot. New one just came into dealer today, Jan 12, 2021. All above happened to me.

  2. We had an issue of the transmission slipping while on the highway, then when we came to a stop the transmission would not engage. While we were taking it to a dealership it would NOT shift to second, even after changing drive modes and in manual. 2800 miles on car too.

  3. I faced this issue of gear moving from 1-3 and not shifting to 2 and seltos is at service Center now. They claim gear actuator issues and I am waiting while they repair. The car is 2019 Dec

  4. having this issue now and it’s at a kia dealer. they tell me it’s stuck in 5th gear but they have to wait to hear back from service at the manufacturer on what the fix is going to be. my car is a 2021 with 77,000 miles.


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