How Useful Are Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers?

How Useful Are Automatic Wiper In A Car

Topped with all kinds of creature comforts, modern-day cars are getting smarter day by day. With OEMs bringing the latest tech on board, our driving experience has changed substantially. One such feature is rain-sensing wipers/automatic wipers. Equipped onboard almost all new vehicles, automatic wipers are the new trend. But are they worth it? Let’s find out.

What are Automatic Wipers?

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For several years, automakers are trying to either eliminate the wipers altogether or control their speed automatically. Well, they did find success, and that is what we call automatic rain-sensing wipers.

Automatic Wipers can be understood as smart wipers that automatically turn on sensing rain, and adjust their speed as per the intensity of rainfall. Most automatic wipers use a sensor that is placed behind the windshield. When it rains, the sensor beams out infrared light that is reflected back at different angles based upon the intensity of water droplets falling on the windshield. The more the rain, the less the light is reflected. Based on the amount of light reflected, the system activates the wiper and controls its speed as well.

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Are Automatic Wipers Worth It?

Driving through heavy rainfall

Well, long story short, automatic rain-sensing wipers, are super convenient and handy, when it comes to driving safety. Amidst heavy rainfall, smart automatic wipers not only automatically adjust the wiper speed but also its frequency based on data related to your vehicle speed. This is a major safety benefit as heavy rainfall causes severe visibility issues. With automatic wipers by your side, you won’t need to manually adjust the wiper levels, as and when the rainfall pattern changes.

Moreover, when automatic wipers are combined with automatic headlamps, the combination becomes even more fruitful, because many times headlights need to be turned on for better visibility amidst heavy rainfall.

So this was all about how good automatic rain-sensing wipers are. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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