Indian automotive industry is among the top 5 in the world. Now, this is something massive, so is the occasion today. The automobile industry in India is reaching new heights, but this was not always the case. It took a lot of time, blood and tears of everyone associated with the industry, just like Baapu, who helped India gain its independence. So, in honour and occasion of our father of the nation ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday, we bring 10 Indian cars that liberated the Indian automotive industry. Liberated? Yes, these are the ten cars that were a part of the market and helped the country progress. So, off we roll.

  1. Hindustan Motors Ambassador

    HM Ambassador

    Okay, as we said above, one vehicle would have popped into your head, Hindustan Motors Ambassador. After all, this car or rather an emotion, doesn’t require any introduction. We think it is safe to say that Ambassador was one of those vehicles that initiated the Indian Automotive Industry.

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    Launched in 1958, the Amby was considered an elite people’s mover back then. Also, in other terms, Laal Batti Wali Gaadi. You know, to take the politicians to different places. Also, it was White that was the staple colour, be it prominent businessmen or politicians. Indeed, Hindustan Motors Ambassador did help India gaining pace when it was needed most.

  2. Maruti 800

    Maruti 800 one if its kind
    Maruti 800 one if it’s kind

    There was a time when cars were more for the ultra-rich people. Around the late 1980s, Maruti paired with Suzuki and brought in the first vehicle, 800, to the Indian market. At the time of its launch, Maruti 800 was priced at just ₹47,500. With its introduction, the car(s) were more affordable and gave many people to make their dream possible of owning a car.

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    And oh boy! It was a style statement back then. That said, Maruti 800 was inexpensive to buy, but the costs of maintaining were relatively low. Now, this gave the government another reason, to make better road connectivity. Thank you, Maruti 800.

  3. Tata Indica

    Tata Indica

    The first indigenous vehicle to be researched and developed on this turf is the Tata Indica. Standing strong upon Sir Ratan Tata’s dreams, Tata Indica was one of the most successful cars in the Indian market. That said, Tata Indica was launched in India in 1998.

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    Now, considering the features, it offered Indica was targeted towards the audience looking for a hatchback. Talking about it, Tata India boasted of features like powered windows and an air conditioner. This, coupled with a 1.4-litre motor, was a gem of a deal at that time.

  4. Tata Nano

    Damson Purple Tata Nano
    Damson Purple Tata Nano

    The following vehicle is also from the house of Tata. After Maruti 800 in the 1980s, the Tata Nano allowed the Indians to own a vehicle at a price way lower than any other vehicle or brand. At the time of its launch at the 2012 Auto Expo, it grabbed many eyeballs.

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    Well, to begin with, it looked kind of cute and also the starting asking price of the car was about ₹1 Lakh (ex-showroom). Now, this is something that is a huge deal. Also, because of Nano, Tata got its name engraved in many record books, and it became the ‘Worlds cheapest production car’.

  5. Ford EcoSport

    Ford EcoSport Platinum Edition
    Ford EcoSport Platinum Edition

    It is a sad week for another American carmaker Ford, as recently they have announced their exit from India. For more details on the news, we’d recommend you to visit GoMechanic News or Click Here! Ford Ecosport gave the Indian market a new segment, subcompact SUVs, with that out of our way. At the time of its launch was an instant hit. It was 2012 when Ford came up with one of the powerful subcompact SUVs in Ecosport.

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    Back then, with a potent naturally aspirated petrol and a diesel engine, Ecosport also came with a 3-time award-winning 1.0-litre (turbo petrol) EcoBoost petrol engine. From day one, Ford has never stopped making cars for those who love the driver’s seat, and Ecosport is a prime example. With all the said above, we think that Ford Ecosport does deserve the hall of fame of Indian cars.

  6. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon first car to join IDIS Platform
    Tata Nexon / cars that liberated India

    2017 was the year when Tata launched their first subcompact SUV in India. At first, people here were a little sceptical about the SUV, but later the SUV grew on the people’s hearts. Now it is the top-selling vehicle in Tata’s lineup. The Nexon comes with a powerful engine for its size.

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    Tata Nexon comes with a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine under the hood. The motor generated 120ps and 170 Nm of peak torque. For your buck, you also get features like a TMPS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and also India’s favourite sunroof. And one can also associate the Tata Nexon, with safety for which it scored a total 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test. Safe yet affordable!

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  7. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    WagonR 2013
    WagonR 2013 / cars that liberated India

    Next to other cars that surprisingly still exist and sell in big numbers is the Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Well, if you are not aware, Maruti Suzuki WagonR came into being in 1999 in India. And has been among the top 10 selling cars of the country. Along with a private vehicle, WagonR is also a superior choice for commercial Taxi use.

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    This has to do with the mileage that the car has on offer, especially when running on CNG. Since its launch, Maruti Suzuki WagonR has changed a ton and has seen the world change. Meaning, keeping the current scenario, WagonR has evolved into a mature and no non-sense vehicle.

  8. Honda City

    1998 Honda City / Cars that liberated India

    Moving to a segment above, the other vehicle or rather a sedan that has witnessed the change in the Indian automotive industry is the Honda City. This C-segment sedan has ruled its segment from the day of its launch. Speaking of which, the first Honda City came to the Indian shores in 1998. It’s 2021, and Honda has never stopped since, and so has the country’s development.

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    The Japanese carmaker Honda thoroughly updated the City in 2020 in its 5th generation. With this update, the City got even more significant, more powerful and surprisingly more comfortable on the inside. All of these combined makes the City the perfect chauffeur driven vehicle.

  9. Mahindra Thar

    Mahindra Thar: Evolution Redefined / Cars that liberated India

    Possibly the oldie on the list has to be the Mahindra Thar, for it is the car that has seen India just after its independence, Though it was the Willys CJ3A jeep, yes! a different name. The journey started in 1949 when the Mahindra was used to make cars for the Willys in India. Well, this was the first utility vehicle, rather a potent off-roader in the country.

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    Over the years, with the vehicle’s development, it became even more versatile.  Slowly from more of a realistic look and feel, Mahindra became more advanced and more modern. (to know the complete story of Mahindra Thar, don’t forget to click here). Moving on, in 2010, Mahindra gave their jeep a completely new identity, Thar. Hence it is serving the enthusiast and also the army personnel rather well.

  10. Maruti Omni

    1984 Maruti Omni
    1984 Maruti Omni / cars that liberated India

    Cars usually have a single purpose and a single costume. But the vehicle that has taxied people saved people, taking children to school (to kidnapping) is the Maruti Suzuki Omni.  Well, In 1984, Maruti introduced the Omni just after the launch of the iconic Maruti 800. Additionally. Maruti Omni came powered by the same 796cc inline three-cylinder motor that also powered the Maruti 800.

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    In the early days, the microvan from Maruti was called just the ‘Van’, and it wasn’t later in the year 1988 that the name was changed to ‘Omni’. And after a couple of updates and changes in the emission norms, the car was put to rest. Still, Maruti Omni will always have a deep place in our hearts.

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  1. U missed Gypsy and Indian Mustang buddy. Sorry didn’t like the list. How can you don’t talk about fiat and talk about Omni in the end, when ur talking about thar, u not even talked about Willey..

  2. Ford ecosport is modern day rubbish.
    Tata nexon is just a decent economical option.
    They are not liberating cars. Also pls dont call these vehicles suvs. No matter what the size.. subcompact or whatever. It is diluting the term SUV just because the car is made to look a little higher than a hatchback.

    The original Fiat premier padmini
    Premier 118ne
    Hyundai santro

    These were the cars that got indian families on the road.
    These were the icons !!

  3. I am an owner of Ford Ecosport since two years and trust me it’s a reliable car and the same goes for my Ford Aspire. When my sunroof was not closing properly in my Ecosport, Ford has resolved and now no issues at all. Turbo petrol is very frugal as my Ecosport also has it. Ford even serviced cars in cheaper prices before they left India. Products surely got outdated and new products were required but the safety Ford provided was just something else which Indian market can’t understand. The Ecosport was more about performance instead of features. Features were there but still it was more about being enthusiastic on the driver seat. Now of course, I am in college when Ford left India but when my dad gifted me after my class 10th boards, I just fell in love with Ecosport and other Ford cars.

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