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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Bass Tube vs Subwoofer – Which Is Better For Car Audio?

Good bass is every audiophile’s paradise, regardless of what genre of music you rock in your ride. No tricks; both bass tubes & subwoofers fulfil that one specific purpose – thumping immersive bass inside your car. But on the Bass Tube vs Subwoofer question, opinions vary with differences in price, audio quality, power & other factors.

The subtle differences between a Bass Tube & a Subwoofer’s audio output make some of us wonder which one is better. From the price point of view, the former is cheaper, but the Sub will give you better and more powerful bass output.

Bass Tube vs Subwoofer – How Are They Different?

A Subwoofer is an audio speaker designed to reproduce low-frequency audio signals into powerful thumping bass. A Bass Tube is a Subwoofer fitted at one end of a cylindrical tube facing outwards. That tube is precision engineered to capture & amplify the sound waves at the backside of the Subwoofer.

If uncompromised, thumping bass is on your mind & some extra bucks in your pocket, then a Subwoofer is a better bet. However, installing them will require a separate car amplifier, not to mention thoroughly making the connections.

Bass Tubes, with their integrated amplifiers, offer a more reasonable & immersive bass output but are way easier to install in your car, taking up less space than a bulky Subwoofer box.

Bass Tube vs Subwoofer – Quick Overview

Parameter Bass Tube Subwoofer 
Type Active Passive
Cost Value For Money Expensive
Audio Quality Great Excellent
Amplifier Integrated Buy Separately
Size Compact Requires More Space

Volume Output

Besides the size of the Subwoofer, the amplifier’s power is the primary determinant of the loudness. The built-in amplifier in a Bass Tube typically produces less power than a separate car amplifier. In most configurations, Bass Tubes won’t be as loud as passive Subwoofers with a separate amp.

Audio Quality

Because box-shaped enclosures are more effective at capturing the airways needed to produce bass, enclosed Subwoofers produce a more precise overall sound. Bass Tubes produce a tighter bass output powerful enough for a car cabin.

Bass Tube vs Subwoofer
Enclosed Subwoofer In The Boot


When it comes to affordability and pricing, Bass Tubes emerge at the top as the more affordable choice. Usually, these are prefabricated and ready to install. Consequently, bass tubes are less expensive than subwoofers. Installing a Subwoofer, on the other hand, will require purchasing a separate car amp and necessary Amplifier Wiring Kits

Integrated Amplifier

Passive subwoofers require a separate amplifier to power them. However, Bass Tubes conventionally come with a built-in amplifier. Although this makes Bass Tubes easier to install in a car, integrated mono-amps are seldom very high-powered compared to separate car amps that drive a Sub. 


From a convenience perspective, Bass Tubes are fantastic, particularly when the purpose is for car audio systems. Because of their small size, they fit easily in the trunk and do not kill too much space. On the other hand, Subwoofers need an intricate wired connection and take up more valuable space because of their design.

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Bass Tube vs Subwoofer – Which One To Choose?

If better bass reproduction, louder audio output & uncompromised low-pitch audio are on your mind, then a dedicated Subwoofer is the one that anyone must go for. Subwoofers significantly improve the overall performance of your car audio and tend to be more accurate. You might choose to give up some trunk space with a subwoofer because subwoofers are typically large and cumbersome. Thus to install a subwoofer, you should ensure your cargo compartment has enough room for them.

On the other hand, compared to Subwoofers, bass precision is generally not as refined with Bass Tubes. The sound quality of bass tubes frequently degrades. However, Bass Tubes make a very affordable and value-for-money choice with reasonable bass and clear audio output. 

In the end, both the Bass Tube and Subwoofer provide excellent bass output, so it all depends on your budget and particular preferences. 


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