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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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10 Benefits of Buying an EV (Electric Car) in India right now!

“Change is the only constant in life!”  Change is a part of our life and most of the times, humans work together for a positive change that can benefit society. Talking about the automotive industry one of the biggest transformation that we have experienced in recent times is the introduction of EVs. Electric Vehicles seem to be the perfect future! If you are planning to buy a new car, the EVs currently available in the Indian market can be a perfect choice for you. In this article, we take you through the benefits of buying an EV in India right now!

  1. Low Maintenance Costs

    MG ZS EV vs Hyundai Kona | The Better Sub 25 Lakh EV
    MG ZS EV

    The first and foremost reason that can motivate you to buy an EV is the maintenance cost. If you buy a car with an IC engine, it will have more mechanical parts and therefore will have more complexities and difficulty in maintenance. EVs are easy and cheaper to maintain because of their simple structure and operations.

  2. EVs have NO noise of their own!

    Hyundai Affordable EV | Coming Soon
    Hyundai Kona

    Another benefit that an EV can deliver over your already existing car is the silent functioning capability. The logic is simple, there is no engine under the hood so there is no noise as well! The electric motor functions so silently that you can even read a book inside! Considering the practical side, however silent the cabin of a car with an engine may be, an EV can always provide you with a more comfortable ride because of its completely silent operation. The EVs are so silent that manufacturers have to add false sounds in order to make it safe for pedestrians.

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  3. Low Running Costs

    Read About: Hyundai Kona Vs MG ZS EV | Head To Head
    Low Running Costs

    Another major advantage that EVs deliver over conventional IC engine cars is the running cost. For instance, if we look at the Hyundai Kona, it delivers around 450kms in a single charge and therefore the running costs come down to even less than a single rupee per kilometre! Amazing, isn’t it? This is the most important one among all the benefits of buying an EV considering its India!

  4. No more fuel price hikes!

    Diesel Prices in Delhi hiked
    Fuel Price Hike

    Do varying fuel prices trouble you? Well, if you buy an EV, you will no longer have to worry about the daily fluctuating petrol and diesel prices. While the government changes the fuel prices depending upon the global prices, you will no longer have to worry because you won’t need the fuel anymore if you buy an EV. You can drive in peace forever!

  5. Convenient Charging at Home!

    Benefits of buying an EV
    Easy Home Charging

    You might be familiar with the crowd that suddenly emerges on the fuel stations during peak hours. Also, planning to get the fuel refilled while you are on your way to your workplace can get you late too. EVs have a major advantage in this case where you can simply plug in your vehicle at your home for 4-5 hours and you are ready to move again without any delay. Yes, your home can be your fuel station if you own an EV! The only disadvantage, in this case, will arise if you forget to plug in your machine someday! EVs nowadays also come with fast charging capabilities which allows them to juice up within 60 mins!

  6. Easy to drive

    MG ZS EV Interior
    MG ZS EV Interior

    All the electric vehicles starting right from an electric scooter and going all the way up to an electric bus are gearless! Yes, EVs are an absolute pleasure to drive because you don’t have to operate the gear mechanisms. You only have to use a set of buttons or pedals which will make you increase or decrease the speed and that’s all! If you are thinking that an automatic petrol/diesel car can get you the same comfort, we have got more advantages of buying an EV. Read on!

  7. Environment Friendly

    benefits of buyng an EV
    No damage to the environment

    If you are using or planning to buy an EV, you are definitely doing good for the environment. The earth has healed itself while the world was under lockdown and now we should definitely keep the environment in mind whenever we make a decision. Buying an EV can reduce your carbon footprint because there will be no emissions at all! EVs are one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport available right now in the market.

  8. Comfortable Cabin and More Storage Options

    Benefits of buying an ev
    Improved Cabin

    We know we have already mentioned that the cabin is silent but if you go for an EV, you will get better legroom too. Although, the front section can offer you a better storage space because the gear lever is not there, the rear section of the cabin gets you a flat floor which is why the passenger in the middle can also enjoy the ride to the fullest! The storage options also increase, there can be storage option in the front under the hood as there is no engine this time. Motors and batteries don’t take much space as compared to the engines.

  9. Government Incentives

    Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020
    Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020

    The benefits of buying an EV are not limited to the vehicle itself. Now, the Delhi government also wants you to buy an EV because EVs are the future! The Delhi government has recently introduced a new electric vehicle policy under which you can get additional benefits up to ₹1.5 Lakhs! Want to know more about the policy? Read here in detail!

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  10. EVs are Future Proof!

    Benefits of buying an EV
    EVs are future proof

    Considering where we are heading to, EVs are the only future we can look up to! The fossil fuels are about to end anytime and it is not a fair decision to exhaust all the fossil fuels while we live our life. Electricity is also generated from fossil fuels but we are slowly moving towards renewable sources of energy which is definitely the future! We have solar energy and wind energy which are renewable and do not cause pollution too! EVs are the future and we must get used to it in the present too!

This was all for the importance of EVs and the benefits of buying an EV which we can avail if we choose to go for an EV right now!

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  1. informative article, no doubt electric cars are the future of automobile industry, but the thing that it lack is the its long range because the energy density of lithium batteries is less as compared to petrol but the improvements are on the way by tesla and many other company like an electric can produce electricity on a slop road and yep the pollution caused is also less and cost of fuel is also less people should move to electric cars.


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