Majority of the Indian buyers prefer mileage and features over everything else. One of the most looked-for features in the Indian automotive market nowadays is alloy wheels. You may have come across several YouTube videos that show you various alloy wheel brands in various markets across India. But you can’t trust if any of them is original and durable. With the changing trend, automakers have now themselves started including alloy wheels as a part of the standard accessory package! Not only they enhance the looks but they also help in improving performance and efficiency. Want to know how? Put a comment in the section below and we will explain the science behind that. For this one, here is a list of 10 cars with the best-looking alloy wheels in India!

  1. Tata Tiago

    10 reasons why the tata tiago is the best first car
    Tata Tiago

    Well, adding one more reason to the list, Tata Tiago has got an extremely attractive set of alloy wheels which makes it an even more powerful competition in the Indian hatch market. This hatch from Tata is safe powerful and feature-packed which makes it a strong contender in the present-day hatch market. If your budget lies between 5-7Lakhs, Tiago must be your pick for sure. Wondering about the ’10 reasons’ mentioned in the picture above? Well, here you go,

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  2. Maruti Suzuki Swift

    2020 Maruti Suzuki Swift Electric Blue
    2020 Maruti Suzuki Swift Electric Blue

    Along with delivering excellent fuel mileage, Maruti Suzuki Swift has also made it to our list of cars with the best-looking alloy wheels in India. Swift’s alloy wheel design looks really good and therefore adds up to the market value of the hot-selling hatch from our home automaker. The ZXi variant has got the alloys and has an ex-showroom price of Rs. 6.78 Lakhs.

  3. Maruti Baleno

    Baleno | 2nd Position | Car sales report January 2020

    Another one from the Maruti family! Baleno’s success story is known to all and the current design of the alloy wheels that Baleno boasts had to be included in this list. Not because its a Maruti and has got high sales, it is because these alloys look super attractive! Baleno Zeta is the first variant to get alloy wheels in the lineup. The ex-showroom price for this variant is Rs. 7.01Lakhs.

  4. Hyundai i20

    Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel Discontinued! What's Next For The Hatch?
    Hyundai Elite i20

    While the 2020 Hyundai i20 has already raised the expectations of the buyers with the announcement of Bose audio system, the current version of the premium hatch from Hyundai doesn’t fail to impress too. The Hyundai Elite i20 is also among the cars with the best-looking alloy wheels in India. Considering the fact it got this design earlier than most other vehicles on the list, it is definitely worth a mention!

  5. Tata Altroz

    Tata Altroz | Looks do matter!
    Tata Altroz

    Mentioning Baleno and i20 and forgetting about the latest competitor? Naah, we won’t do that! The all-new Tata Altroz has also got a set of extremely attractive alloy wheels! Along with the 5-star safety rating and the host of features that this car has on offer, Tata Altroz is doing great in the Indian market as of now but we are yet to experience what the new i20 has in the house for us!

  6. Hyundai Venue

    Hyundai Venue | BS6 Cars in India
    Hyundai Venue

    One of the best alloy wheel designs that I have seen in the Indian market till now! Very carefully and beautifully designed alloys on the Hyundai Venue make it a must-have for many! Considering other features Hyundai Venue forms a great choice for someone looking to buy a car in this segment. The alloy wheels come equipped in S and SX variants only but if you go for a lower variant, you can get it customised from the dealership itself!

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  7. Hyundai Creta

    Hyundai Creta
    Hyundai Creta

    Continuing our list of cars with the best-looking alloy wheels, we have the Hyundai Creta. The Ultimate SUV (as they call it) has also got a set of alloy wheels which looks extremely well-designed and built up. The 2020 Hyundai Creta is available at a starting price of Rs. 9.99 Lakhs but you get the alloy wheels as standard in the SX and SX(O) variants only.

  8. Honda City 2020

    Fifth-generation Honda City
    Fifth-generation Honda City

    Finally stepping into a different segment on our list of cars with best looking allow wheels. We have the fifth-generation of the Honda City with a fresh look and freshly designed alloy wheels. The 2020 Honda City was launched at a starting price of Rs. 10.89 Lakhs (ex-showroom). Want to know the variant wise detail of the newly-launched sedan? We’ve got you covered!

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  9. Skoda Octavia

    Skoda Octavia RS 245 Rally Grees | Credits: RushLane
    Skoda Octavia RS 245 Rally Green | Credits: RushLane

    The Octavia VRS245 you see in the picture above has already got a huge fan following but the alloys just prove to be an icing on the cake. We all know Skoda Octavia has been in the market for long and has already proved its performance and reliability as a sedan. The new generations of Skoda Octavia are getting more and more attractive with each update and these alloys you see above are just irresistible!

  10. Toyota Fortuner

    Toyota Fortuner | The Undisputed Leader of SUVs for a decade
    Toyota Fortuner

    While we still complain about Toyota not offering a sunroof in the Fortuner, we can still cherish what they have already given to us! We are talking about that well-designed set of alloy wheels which make the SUV look even better on the outside. While Toyota Fortuner still misses out on the sunroof part, there are many features which make it a desirable SUV in its segment. Toyota’s reliability and performance also help boost its sales.

This was all for the cars with best-looking alloy wheels in India. Share this article with all those planning to buy a new car so that they can go for trusted alloy wheels rather than heading to the aftermarket and looking for a cheaper version or a counterfeit product that might cause bad effects later.

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