Turbo petrols are the new trend! Indians are completely obsessed with the turbo power delivered by the new age petrol engines. Be it the entire Hyundai lineup (almost entire) or any other brand, turbo petrol engines are gaining swift popularity in the Indian market. Mileage – one of the most important factors considered by Indians while buying a new car. And when you hear turbo, you might think that the car’s mileage might drop by a significant figure. It is not so! Most of you might have already noticed that the manufacturers downsize the engine before strapping on the turbo unit. Therefore, mileage almost remains the same. However, you might notice a slight rise too.

In today’s featured, we talk about how you can extract the best mileage from your turbo petrol car. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Shift Smartly

    Rev Limiter
    Rev Limiter

    Don’t go too high on the revv bar. Putting this in simple words, just shift gears in the lower RPM range because this will help you to extract a better mileage from your turbo petrol car than what you would have got if you would have shifted in the higher RPM range. Changing the gears at around 2000RPM should be fine because that will help you drive easily on the city roads without burning much fuel.

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  2. Don’t Lug the Engine

    Turbo petrol mileage
    Lugging the engine

    We know we asked you not to hit the red line. This doesn’t mean that you can be in a higher gear at low speeds. In our terms, we call it lugging the engine. This means that you are at a lower speed but at a higher gear. This makes the engine work more than it is required to do which in turn leads to more fuel consumption. Just be in the correct RPM range with the correct gear.

  3. Follow the torque curve

    A power torque curve
    A power torque curve

    No need to get into the technical stuff. We have simplified it for you. Basically, there is a time when your engine’s peak torque kicks in and makes it use more fuel than it was doing previously. Just to let you know, the peak torque from the turbo petrol engines hits at higher RPM ranges in comparison to the diesel engines. Simplifying it for you, just don’t hit the higher RPM and if you are at 40kmph on a highway on 3rd gear, upshift to stay at around 2000RPM.

  4. Avoid Hard Braking

    Traffic Light
    Traffic Light

    This visual is quite confusing. However, if you see a red light from a considerable distance, you should leave the accelerator pedal. Simply coast to the traffic signal rather than braking hard in the last time. You should not brake hard on red lights because this is nothing but wastage of energy. You should begin slowing down if you see a yellow signal too because it will anyhow turn red by the time you reach the crossing. Don’t put the car in neutral because that will also make the engine consume more power. Just leave the accelerator, brake slowly and let the engine do its job.

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  5. Get your car serviced

    car service

    Well, not only limited to turbo petrol cars but this tip can help you increase mileage for any car that you own! Just get it serviced timely and regularly. Be it your car’s turbo setup or the engine itself, everything needs to be serviced. With GoMechanic, you can save up to 40% on your next car service in comparison to the authorised service centres. This is the most simple tip you can follow to get best mileage from your turbo petrol car.

  6. Cruise on Highways

    Best Mileage from turbo petrol
    Highway Drive

    Frequent use of clutch and brake lead to more fuel usage as compared to cruising. When on highways, set a speed, set a higher gear and relax! If you maintain a steady speed at the highways, you can get the maximum fuel efficiency from your car. Be it a turbo petrol engine or any other engine, frequent clutch usage causes it to burn more fuel due to obvious reasons. Get the best mileage from your turbo petrol car on highways by cruising at a particular speed and keeping the revs minimum.

  7. Downshift to slow down

    WagonR Reverse Gear
    WagonR Reverse Gear

    This is a bit tricky yet useful tip. This needs you to downshift to slow down rather than using brakes. This makes the use of a rev-matching technique which can be really simple if understood properly. Just leave your accelerator pedal and let the RPMs dip. Once they are at a quite low level, downshift so that they can adjust with your lower gear and let the clutch off without touching the accelerator pedal again. For those who find this to be too tricky, simply brake normally because there is a high chance that you might end up damaging your car’s clutch if you don’t do this properly.

  8. Avoid Long Idles

    turbo petrol mileage
    Car engine idling

    Don’t idle your car for too long. If you see you are at a traffic signal which will remain red for, say, more than a minute, there is no point in keeping your engine on and burn the fuel. Simply turn your engine off under such circumstances to obtain the best fuel mileage. In case your car has a smart cut-off feature, you don’t need to worry about this because it will take care of itself!

These were the 8 ways by which you can extract the best mileage from your turbo petrol car. Do you own turbo petrol or know someone who ones one? Well, don’t forget to share this article so that one of the most critical factors that is considered while buying a car in India, remains unsacrificed!

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