Tata Sumo, an SUV/MPV we are well versed with. Do you know the interesting story behind the name of this vehicle? And let me tell you, it’s not named after the Japanese sport, Sumo! It was named after…….Click here to know. The Sumo came into existence back in 1994 under Telcoline. Today, we are going to revisit the history, 6 years after the initial launch, when Tata decided to upgrade the Sumo and the Spacio was launched. Let’s head back in our time machine to the year 2000.

We’ve arrived in the year 2000! Tata Sumo Spacio Launch

Tata Sumo is doing great in terms of sales. It has a huge demand in rural as well as urban areas. Tata decides to upgrade the powertrain of Sumo. And the Tata Sumo Spacio is born. It now boasts a 2956cc, direct injection, diesel engine.

Tata Sumo Spacio| Engine SpecificationsGoMechanic Logo | Black

Engine 2956cc, DI diesel engine
Power 65hp@3,200rpm
Torque 164.75Nm@1,800rpm
Transmission 5-speed manual

The 3.0-litre engine provides low-end torque, necessary for the operations Spacio was meant to perform. Tata Spacio is capable of climbing a slope with a 24-degree inclination. It also offers better fuel economy. Tata offered a 3years/3lakh km warranty on this engine also known as Tata 4SP. Spacio also offers a 4WD version in the ST variant.

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Tata Sapcio front and Middle row
Tata Sapcio front and Middle row

Spacio, in simple terms, would depict space, right? Well, this is what Spacio really has. Including the driver, Spacio can seat 10 people! A better Sumo indeed. This is possible due to the longer wheelbase.

Tata Sumo Spacio Rear Row
Tata Sumo Spacio Rear Row

The front and the middle rows have bench type seats facing the direction of motion. The rear row has two bench-type seats facing each other.

Tata Sumo Spacio
Tata Sumo Spacio

As for the looks, there is no major change visible. The most prominent change is the round headlamps, as compared to the rectangular ones in the Tata Sumo. For suspension duties, Tata Sumo Spacio has independent suspension with coil spring and anti-roll bar at the front and leaf springs at the rear. It also gets disc brakes at the front while drums at the rear. The company has also added bigger tyres to increase the ground clearance of Spacio, which now stands at 190mm.

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Tata Sumo Spacio: Across Years!

Tata also introduced a turbocharged engine later in the Spacio. Spacio Gold Plus carried this engine. It came equipped with a 3.0litre turbocharged engine capable of producing 70hp of power and a peak torque of 223Nm. Tata discontinued the Spacio in 2011, while the Sumo series continued to be on sale till 2019.

The TATA Sumo | The OG MPV
The TATA Sumo | The OG MPV

Tata Sumo has been a prominent part of Tata’s history in India. It has seen the transition of the company from Telco to Tata Motors. Sumo is a name that none can forget for sure. What are your thoughts? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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