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How Is The Bharat NCAP A Revolution For Cars In India?

Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari recently approved the Bharat NCAP programme wherein all cars sold in India will be given a star-based safety rating. The programme was first talked about in 2016, and it finally received the green light from the ministry. Today, let’s see how the Bharat NCAP will be a revolution for India!

  • What is the Bharat NCAP?

Bharat NCAP will be a programme under which cars sold in India will undergo a series of crash tests. Based on their performance in these tests, the cars will be rated. It will be more or less like the GNCAP. However, the rigidity and the level of tests are yet to be determined.

Hyundai Creta Global NCAP crash test rating

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  • Why is Bharat NCAP needed?

With the Bharat NCAP, MoRTH aims to help people choose safer cars and reduce death by road accidents. Nitin Gadkari envisions deaths by road accidents to be reduced by 50% by 2030. More than this, the Bharat NCAP will urge Indian manufacturers to make safer cars for the people. The ministry also aims at improving the build quality of these cars so that they can increase exports by a substantial margin.

Mahindra XUV700 Global NCAP Crash Test

  • How is this a revolution for India?

Up until now, Indian cars have had no transparency when it safety. Only a few cars have been tested by the GNCAP and out of that, only a handful have received good ratings. With a standardized procedure for analysing the safety of our cars, Indian buyers will have a much clear sense of which car to choose. This also opens doors to future norms where a car needs to be of a certain standard before it can be rolled out to the masses.

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Do you think that Bharat NCAP will give us buyers the quality we deserve? Let us know in the comments below!

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