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What are the challenges faced with the BS6 rollout In India?

The 1st of April 2020 will be the turning point for the Indian automotive industry. The government is implementing new exhaust emission norms and the transaction from BS4 to BS6 is inevitable.

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Skipping BS5 was a tough decision due to which the industry is facing many problems in coping up with the new norms. Jumping over a big step isn’t easy and it involves years load of research involved in design and development. There are many challenges faced due to this transaction.

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4 Wheeler Industry

4 wheeler industry
4 wheeler industry| challenges with BS6 rollout

The main changes inside the industry are to refine the combustion process inside the engine.

  • Be it petrol or a diesel engine both will have major changes, diesel having more prominent changes.
  • The new norms contain 82% reduction in particulate matter, a 68% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels in the diesel engine.
  • Adding even more complex design structures in the engine some being advanced EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system. EGR is to further reduce NOx levels form the exhaust.
  • Many devices are added to the exhaust system like DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in order to reduce soot.
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst needs to be designed installed in the new exhaust system.
  • Downsizing of the petrol engine by adding turbocharger results in better performance and fuel economy with reduced emissions.

All the above processes are just the outline that needs to be added to the new BS6 vehicles.

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2 Wheeler Industry

Two wheeler industry
2-wheeler industry| challenges with BS6 rollout

2 wheeler industry also involves many internal changes.

  • Low capacity motorcycles using a carburettor will be converted into electronic fuel injection (EFI) to improve fuel atomization.
  • Adding an extra catalytic converter and increasing the back pressure inside the engine for better combustion.

All the vehicles are also prepared to run on the new BS6 fuel.

Petroleum Industry and BS6

Petroleum industry
Petroleum Industry| challenges with BS6 rollout

Not just the automotive industry is under pressure but petroleum is also burdened. As they have to supply new more refined fuel from 1st April. The demand for the new fuel is huge as compared to the production and refinement of petrol or diesel.

The industry is working to increase the octane number in petrol and the cetane number in diesel fuel. This also involves removing the sulfur content in the BS6 diesel.

Automotive research
Automotive research| challenges with BS6 rollout

All the new development to cope up with the norms is fairing to be a vicious cycle. let’s see what the companies have got in their pockets by April 1st. Tell us in the comment section what you think of BS6.

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  1. Many mechanics say that repaing bs6 is complex and OEM are very expensive when it comes to repair. Also even if the light related wire is loose the vehicle just stops


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