From Manali to Shimla, it seems as if hill stations are the countries newest obsession. Be it the scorching heat of the summers, or a casual break from life’s monotony, hill stations have always been our go-to destinations. And while spending time in the lap of nature is quite an experience, the journey too is nothing short of bliss. But in order to ensure a smooth driving experience, it’s better to be equipped with the right accessories and gadgets. So here are 5 must-have car accessories for hill station drives.

  1. Mobile Holders

    Mobile Holders For Your Car
    Mobile Holders For Your Car

    One of the most important car accessories for anyone who is about to go on a long journey, a car mobile holder is a must buy. After all, who likes to constantly hold their phone to see the next turn? With a quality mobile holder by your side, you can do away with the worry of constantly peeping your phone, and can firmly place it on your windscreen.

  2. Car Charger

    GoMechanic Car Charger
    GoMechanic Car Charger

    With beautiful mountains and memorable waterfalls greeting your way, it would be a shame if these moments aren’t captured owing to low battery. Well, say no more. With high quality fast charging car chargers, you can say goodbye to all your battery issues. With a multiple port set-up, car chargers you can change the way you commute and unlock maximum battery potentials!

  3. Tyre Inflators

    Gusto Series Of Tyre Inflators
    Gusto Series Of Tyre Inflators

    While there is no denying that hills are extremely beautiful, it is also a known fact, that emergency breakdown services aren’t as common as they are back in the metropolitans. This is why having a tyre inflator by your side is a good idea. With a tyre inflator, you can pump your flat tyres all by yourself, while you find a puncture repair near you. You can even regulate your tyre pressure for difficult terrains and can cruise through the journey without any hesitations.

    GoMechanic Accessories
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  4. Inflatable Bed

    Inflatable Car Bed

    When it comes to going on a long journey with family, people often prefer SUVs or sedans. A big reason behind this is the practicality and comfort offered by SUVs and sedans. And with a comfortable inflatable bed, every journey you embark upon can become even more relaxing and memorable. With a premium and compact inflatable car be, you can turn the rear seat of your SUV/Sedan into a mini sofa, so that you can relax amidst every beautiful journey.

  5. Car Pillows/Neck Pillows

    Travel Pillow
    Go Dryft Travel Pillow

    Long-distance driving can take a toll on your spine and neck. This is why having a car pillow onboard is a smart idea. With a wide variety of car pillows/neck pillows, you can take care of your spine, neck and overall comfort, while you drive along the hills.

    So these were 5 must-have car accessories when going to a hill station. Whenever you decide to plan a trip to your favourite hill station, make sure you head over to the GoMechanic Accessories page, where we curate the best quality accessories only for you! Till then, stay pinned

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