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Car Color With The Best And The Worst Resale Value In India

When it comes to cars, India is among the largest markets. Kudos to the people and their love for automobiles, carmakers have started offering a lot more than before. This includes multiple sets of engines and transmissions, features, and also colours. That said, with loads of colours to choose from, the dilemma is which one to buy and whether to choose it with your heart or head.

Depending on the colour of the vehicle, the resale value of the vehicle may vary in the long run. With the heart, you’ll be choosing the colour that is your favourite or a head that will be a little easy on your wallet in the long run. So, let’s have a look at the car colours that have the best and the worst resale value in India.

Note: The colours and the resale value of the vehicle are subjective and the article is based on surveys and market research and may vary with the vehicle and the model.

Car colours with the best resale value

  1. White

    Maruti Suzuki Celerio | 10 Worst Selling Cars
    Maruti Suzuki Celerio | 10 Worst Selling Cars

    The safest colour to choose not just in India is white. No wonder white is the colour that is most common in cars. Another factor people prefer white is that it is a little easy to match with when repainting. Hence, white is among the car colours that have one of the best if not the best resale value.

  2. Yellow

    Fiat Palio Canary Yellow
    Fiat Palio Canary Yellow

    This also surprised us that yellow is among the car colours that offer the best resale value. That said, yellow is a colour that is super uncommon on the road, and apart from Lamborghinis, very few cars in India come with yellow as an option from the factory. One such car was the Tata Tiago unless Tata discontinued it after some time of the car’s launch.

  3. Silver

    Used luxury cars under 3 lakhs
    Mercedes Kompressor

    Below white, silver is the best-selling car colour in India. If not white, silver is the second safe colour that has a more than decent resale value. Additionally silver is a colour that is a part of almost all the cars irrespective of their segment. And this colour suits any type of vehicle.

  4. Grey

    Suzuki Kizashi | credits - commonswikimedia.org
    Suzuki Kizashi

    One might argue aren’t grey and silver the same? In one word no, both of them are different by day and night. Like quite literally. Silver has a lighter share whereas grey has a darker tone. Keeping that aside, grey is among the colours that have a good resale value.

Car colours with the worst resale value

  1. Red

    Ferrari LaFerrari
    Ferrari LaFerrari

    Cars that are red in colour tend to have poor resale value. One reason is that the colour is too loud and not everyone looking for a vehicle wants to stand out in the crowd. Additionally, like yellow, there are very few cars in the market that look good when they wear red, FERRARI is one of them. Also, my personal favourite, Polo is another vehicle that looks mouth-watering in red.

  2. Blue

    Tata Punch | Credits- Autocar
    Tata Punch

    The next car colour that has relatively low resale value is blue. As there are multiple shades of blue, the light and the vibrant blue is what is the least resale value. Again, not everyone wants to stand out on road. But blue does suit cars that are performance-oriented. Hence the market for blue in the resale market is there but it is fairly low.

  3. Black

    Tata Safari Dark Edition

    Now you might argue that there are cars on the road that look stunning and elegant in black on road. But the cars in black have a significantly low resale value. For one, the black colour in India is not considered holy. Additionally, Black is the colour that absorbs more energy hence the cabin tends to be warmer/hotter than usual.

  4. others

    Maruti Suzuki SPresso
    Maruti Suzuki SPresso

    The other car colours including violet, magenta, brown etc are relatively on the lower side in the car resale value. There are cars in India that also offer dual-tone color schemes, they too end up there. But at times, if they are limited editions, the resale value of the vehicle might just even be higher than usual.

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And these were some of the car colours that have best to worst resale value in the used carmaker. But in the end, the resale value depends on other factors too. Hence, if you are in the market to sell your vehicle, it’s better to get different quotes and survey the market thoroughly. This is when the colour of your car is not mainstream.

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