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OEM, OES and Aftermarket | Car Spare Parts Explained

Although not limited to automobiles, you might have heard of the term “spare parts”. When your car is at the service centre and needs some parts replaced, you will likely hear jargons like OEM and OES spare parts. Ever wondered what exactly is OEM, OES, or Aftermarket? What are the advantages of using genuine spares? How to differentiate between a fake and a genuine spare part? Well, follow along as we help you get a better understanding of everything you need to know about car spare parts.

What are OEM car spare parts?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer spare parts are developed by the same company which manufactured the original product for the automaker. Take, for example, Maruti-Suzuki Dzire’s headlamp unit, which is manufactured by a reputed parts supplier; LUMAX. The same headlamp unit, (sans the car MGA logo), manufactured by LUMAX is available off the shelf as an OEM spare. OEM spares are genuine parts without the automaker’s branding and are manufactured using the same machinery and precision as the original hence, guarantee a perfect fit, finish and function. Vendors also offer a warranty on OEM spare parts.

What are OES car spare parts?

OES or Original Equipment Supplier spare parts are the same as OEM spare parts in terms of authenticity and function. The key difference is that OES spare parts originate many different assembly lines than OEM. They follow the exact specifications as OEMs and are developed with similar precision and detail. No compromises on quality.

To ensure steady and consistent inbound of spare parts, automobile companies rely on several suppliers for this requirement. Every individual supplier follows the same manufacturing procedure to maintain identical build quality and dimensions. E.g. Maruti Suzuki Dzire’s OEM Headlamp unit originally made by LUMAX is also available by OES manufacturer; HELLA. OES spare parts are cost-effective without risking quality.

What are Aftermarket car spare parts?

Aftermarket car spare parts are sourced as a direct replacement for OEM and OES spares. Typically, aftermarkets spare parts widely range in terms of pricing and quality giving a more flexible and cost-saving alternative to OEM/OES parts.

Aftermarket parts manufacturer; Brembo produces high-quality brake components like brake calliper, brake pads, brake rotors and are known for their superior build quality.

In fact, Aftermarket spare parts offer more variety and are often easily available upfront. You can even get specialised aftermarket spares specific to your car.

Beware of counterfeit spare parts

Beware of Imported/ counterfeit spare parts. Quite obvious, these spare parts are manufactured using inferior tools and dubious procedures. Such counterfeit spare parts look and feel exactly like OEM/OES and can cause a chain reaction of breakdowns in a car.

Counterfeit spare parts aren’t built to your car’s specifications; which can lead to mechanical problems and breakdowns. Worse yet, fake car parts can cause major safety concerns.

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) reported that up to 20% of all road accidents that occur in India are due to counterfeit auto parts.

Here is how to spot the difference between fake and genuine OEM and OES spare parts

How GoMechanic sources genuine car spare parts

Using a genuine spare part in your car will allow it to function optimally and effortlessly. Our centrally integrated supply chain, spare parts procurement and inventory management system allows for only 100% genuine and authentic OEM and OES spare parts ensuring what goes into your car is nothing but the best. We source OEM/OES and Aftermarket spare parts directly from reputed vendors and suppliers like MINDA, Brembo, Denso, Bosch, Mann, UFI etc for best results.

Akshat Ajeya
Akshat Ajeya
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  1. Worst ever experience…

    I would request all car lovers, who really love their car not to visit GoMechanic. The road-side garages and mechanics are far more experienced than those in GoMechanics. They are real cheat and inexperienced mechanics who doesn’t know how to repair or handle your vehicle. GoMechanic can only keep advertising but pathetic at providing desired services to their customer. I experienced the worst kind of service from them where certain part got malfunction because of the negligence from their side and when I confronted, I was told that the condition of the part was same even before I gave them for the servicing of my car….

    They seems give the franchise to anyone just to get money, expand and show their presence everywhere without knowing this will only bring bad names and demean the reputation. They should know, they can fool a customer once but not for ever…Very BAD….

  2. I came across a situation where GoMechanic App shows OES part of Cooling coil at 2350 and GoMechanic buddy quoted cost for the same as 3700 saying in App it is oes part and i given Quotation of Original part. But then it is pretty confusing. If you have original and oes part both available then why don’t app shows both prices.


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