Spare parts, it is what keeps your car going…quite literally! And choosing the right kind of spare parts is a very crucial factor in deciding the longevity of your car. If you are reading this, we presume you must have done your homework on different types of car spare parts. If not, here is an in-depth guide on OEM, OES and Aftermarket spare parts.

Did you know, Using OES parts for your car repair actually saves you a ton of money? And there is no quality compromise with the repair quality. To understand this better lets first know the basic differences between OEM and OES spare parts.

What is the difference between OEM and OES spare parts?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer spare parts are made by the same company which manufactures the original product for the car company. E.g. the air filter box for Honda cars is made by UNO | MINDA and branded as a Honda Genuine Part. This same air filter box (minus the Honda branding) is also available off-the-shelf as an alternative by UNO | MINDA and sold as an OEM spare part. OEM spare parts assure the best quality and precision fit as they originate from the same assembly line. OEM spare parts also come with a warranty.

OES or Original Equipment Supplier spare parts follow the same blueprint as OEM parts, however, originating from a different manufacturer. OES parts are manufactured with the same precision and detail as OEM spares and do not compromise on quality, fit and finish. There can be various manufacturers for the same production line of spare parts. OES spare parts also come with a warranty honoured by their respective manufacturer.

Moreover, It is very crucial to know the fact that OEM and OES spare parts are nearly indistinguishable in terms of quality, performance and function. There can be various manufacturers for the same spare part and they strictly follow the exact specifications set by the carmaker

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Why should you use OES spare parts?

Simply put, OES spare parts offer equivalent quality, guaranteed availability, manufacturer warranty and perfect compatibility. Another great advantage with using OES parts is less downtime. In other words, the more days your car spends in the garage, the more time, money and patience you lose. Using OES parts ensure that you and your car don’t suffer unnecessary delays due to unattainability of spare parts. Using OES parts for your car repairs makes the most sense.

On the contrary, OEM spare parts although an equally sensible option severely lose out in availability and value. OEM spare parts are generally priced a tad bit higher than OES but can suffer for non-availability at crucial times.

What are the benefits of using OES spare parts?

  1. Availability: The foremost advantage of OES spare parts is availability. As there are various manufacturers involved in making the same spare parts, there is a steady supply of OES parts in the market. In fact, many car companies rely on various suppliers for a steady supply of spare parts.
  2. Affordability: OES parts cost way lesser than their OEM counterpart. Again, as there are various manufacturers for the same part, there are variably priced by their respective producer. OES parts can save you money.
  3. Quality: OEM spare parts are built on the same blueprint as authorised genuine and OEM parts. There is no discernible difference in terms of quality between OEM and OES parts.
  4. Warranty: Reputed OES parts suppliers like Lumax, Minda and TVS provide manufacturers warranty against defects with their spare parts.
  5. Compatibility: Another great advantage of OES parts is compatibility. OES spare parts are manufactured and tested to match the original specification of the carmaker. OES spare parts are compatible with your car and perform according to factory specifications.

Are OES spare parts genuine?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding OES spare parts hence, It is high time that we clear the air on the genuinity of OES parts.

Quite often OES parts are confused with Aftermarket spare parts, which are in fact unlicensed copies of OEM spare parts. Aftermarket spares are more like “third-party” parts which are generally targeted towards car owners who don’t mind using unofficial components for their car repairs.

OES parts stem from the same design of their OEM and genuine counterpart. In other words, OES parts are precisely the same as the part that came with your car. That right there is the beauty of OES. These are the same parts, made in the same design outline and made with the same milling and machinery. OES parts are just as reliable as genuine and OEM spare parts.

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How are OES spare parts so affordable?

When an OES or OEM signs a contract with a car company for the production of spare parts, they include certain provisions to sell the propriety parts under their own branding. This turns out to be beneficial for both the parties as now the car company won’t have to mobilise their resources in order to produce a part.

The OES at the same time will be able to make extra profit by selling the parts off-the-shelf through their own distribution channel. The company also saves money on additional R&D and tooling and this is eventually passed on to the customer as huge savings.



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