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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Why Your Car Needs An Underbody Coating before Monsoon

The Human race has evolved to become competent enough to protect itself from the harshness of various weather conditions. We have clothes to keep ourselves warm, most of us have a roof over our heads to keep ourselves safe. Though yes, for cars we have garages. But let’s be honest, in the country as dense as ours, where livings beings are barely able to grab a shelter, the majority of the cars are parked roadside and are exposed to the weather 24/7. Since monsoon is right around the corner, it is crucial for you to get your car monsoon ready.

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Anti-Rust Underbody Coating
Anti-Rust Underbody Coating

Out of all the things you need to do to prep your ride for the monsoon, Protecting the underbelly of the car should be your top priority. Especially during monsoon when heavy precipitation causes the roads to become mini-rivers and our cars are left stranded there. This makes them prone to heavy corrosion in the underbody region.

Hence, we bring to you some of the factors that make Underbody Anti-Rust Coating essential before stepping into the monsoon season.

  1. Protects Against Rust & Corrosion

    The primary objective of getting underbody coating done is preventing metal components that are exposed on the bottom side of the car to damage from corrosion. You can shut out the Adverse effects of corrosion on your car by simply applying a rubberised anti-rust coating all over the belly of your car.

  2. Reduces NVH (Noise Vibrations Harshness) Levels

    Our country is filled with roads having uneven patches and potholes and while we manoeuvre our cars through such sections, the unpaved crumbs, and pebbles hit the car from underneath or get stuck in the wheel wells. The underbody coating’s consistency is so thick that the layer it creates absorbs all the unpleasant noises and vibrations and marginally improves the driving experience.

  3. Prevents Paint Chipping

    Running on the highway or while pacing through a city road, you will often encounter sharp gravel or any other unattended object hitting the belly of your car with high momentum. This scrapes and chips off the metal from down below. A thick layer of Underbody Coating definitely comes to aid and minimises the effects of such contacts on the body.

  4. Protects Vital Components

    Underneath a car is somewhere a lot of indispensable parts of a car are left exposed like the Engine, silencer, etc. One simply can’t afford to let these parts go bad due to rusting and hence in order to save yourself from a hefty repair bill, a considerably less expensive Anti-Rust Coating is a must.

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Why your car needs an underbody coating?

Honda Amaze Underbody
Honda Amaze Underbody
  1. A must-have if you live in coastal areas

    Vehicles in the coastal areas are much more prone to corrosion than in any other region. The content of salt in the water floating around during the monsoon season is way too high. Adding to this is the humidity in such areas and these elements further speed up the process of corrosion. Hence getting your car done right with a nice underbody coat job is of utmost importance for people living that beach life.

  2. Or if you live near un-paved/muddy roads

    If you live in areas having large sections of unpaved roads, then the monsoon is just going to make things worse. The sand is going to mix with the water and all that muck will get stuck to your car’s belly while you tread over such a course. This makes your car’s underbody more vulnerable to damage and a nice and thick coating will surely help.

  3. It also affects your car resale value

    All that damage due to corrosion, if left unattended could lead to some permanent damage, which will cost you in terms of rapid depreciation in your car’s resale value. This will make it almost impossible for your car to pass a strict inspection when you put it up for sale. Hence, regular checks of your car’s underbody condition are the key to maintaining its value.

Car Underbody Coating | A Wise Investment

Ford Endeavour After Car Coating
Ford Endeavour After Car Coating

Damage to the Underbelly of the car mostly gets neglected as it is something we cannot inspect on a daily basis. In order to avoid the stress of getting the underbody checked every now and then. GoMechanic provides hassle-free car underbody anti-rust coating. We use only genuine products from 3M and other reputed manufacturers for use on your car.

GoMechanic highly recommends getting an underbody car coating before the monsoon as preventive maintenance to protect your car from the perils of the season. To book your service from GoMechanic, visit our website or download the official app here.

All the factors mentioned above make it almost imperative for us to get our car’s underbelly all washed up and then coated comprehensively before the monsoon season hits us.

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