Even a minor scratch on your brand new car can leave you in tears, won’t it? Your car’s paint needs to be protected in order to make it look all shiny and brand new every time, all the time. We all know the traffic conditions on Indian roads and how many narrow escapes we face on a daily basis. Everyone can’t be lucky every time to have an edging escape from the scratches. Now is the time to take action. This is where PPF comes in.

Automotive paint protection is a hot topic amongst car buyers these days, especially new car buyers. Everyone wants to keep their cars shiny-new. Read this blog to know how car lamination came into existence and what PPF was initially intended to be used for.

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Paint Protection Film: The Origins

In the 1960s, the US Defence Department was facing some major issues with the helicopter’s rotor blades. Certain foreign materials like flying shrapnel or debris used to damage the blades very often. Tired of this issue recurring over and over, the department contacted 3M to develop a transparent yet protective film that would be lightweight as well. The film was intended to provide protection without adding any glossy-ness to the surface. To their surprise, the film did the job and the we now have PPF.

Paint Protection Film For Automotive Usage

The modern-day automotive paint protection film is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film that is either transparent or coloured and is applied to the top layer of the paint on the car. The PPF has self-healing properties. Yes, you read that right, your car lamination can heal itself from any kind of scratches. This comprises of an elastomeric polymeric substance that helps it to retain its shape after it is stretched once.

PPF VS Ceramic Coating, which one is better?

Therefore, the PPF is able to self heal minor scratches.

Popular Paint Protection Films

Initially, only 3M used to manufacture this paint protection film which was specialised for automotive paint protection but now various names like SunTek and XPEL have also started manufacturing their own version of the same. The paint protection film is sold under various categories of names. Some of them are listed here:

  1. Clear Mask
  2. Clear Bra
  3. Invisible Shield
  4. Rock Chip Protection
  5. Clear Wrap
  6. Car Scratch Protection Film

Paint Protection Film: Can I DIY?

The application of PPF is totally not a DIY task. You need professionals to apply PPF for automotive paint protection. Many of the PPF application specialists are vinyl wrappers too. 

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

A good quality paint protection film that is used for car lamination can last upto 10 years. Automotive paint protection can be a cakewalk if a good quality paint protection film is used. PPF can prove to be a saviour against minor scratches and rock chips. This wonder car lamination stuff can help your car look shiny new till ages.

Though PPF application may come as a little costly, but the advantages it delivers over a long period of time will make you realise that your money didn’t go in vain! We highly recommend getting a PPF for your car to make your mark with a scratchless car, visit your nearest GoMechanic workshop for car wrapping, paint protection film, car coating, car detailing and much more!


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