The Indian Army, the third-largest armed forces and one of the strongest fighting forces in the world. But, do you know about the amazing Indian Army vehicles and artilleries that makes our army the toughest army in the world? Read more.

Not only the combating techniques but transportation of the army units should also be first-rate. A country like India has geographical extremes with mountains, deserts, forests, it is mandatory for army convoys to have safe and fast transportation. Most of us know about the legendary Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, as “the” Indian army vehicle (now replaced by Tata Safari Storme), but mind you! it’s not the only vehicle in the fleet.

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Here are the Top 10 Indian Army Vehicles:

  1. Tata Merlin LSV (Light Support Vehicle)

    This Light Support Vehicle was specifically manufactured by Tata for the Indian armed forces. With the departure of the now-defunct Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and Tata Motors bagging the official contract for defence supplies, the Merlin and the Safari Storme are one of the finest “do it all” vehicles offered by Tata.

    Tata Merlin LSV | Indian Army Vehicles
    Image Courtesy: TeamBhp

    The Merlin LSV boasts a 7.6mm medium machine gun turret and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher mounted on the roof. It can also easily transport troops and deliver supplies.

    Moreover, the Merlin has bears STANAG 4569 Level-1 protection on the sides and rear (one of the highest-rated protection according to NATO standards).

  2. Viper by Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions

    The Viper is a defensive and high offence tactile vehicle manufactured by Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions. This high-end armoured vehicle is a first of its kind in India with bullet, land-mine, and blast-proof capabilities.

    Viper by Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions | Indian Army Vehicles
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    It can carry out heavy attacks while on the move. It is an idle vehicle for cross country and swift operations with a capacity of carrying up to 6 commandos. The inner walls of the Viper are made out of ballistic blankets which can also be used as bomb blankets. Its lower panels can be used as a bulletproof shield for the soldiers during counter-insurgency operations.

  3. Tata MPV

    Another high speciality vehicle from the stable of Tata. The MPV manufactured by Tata Motors comes in a 4×4 wheel configuration with Bullet/Land-mine/Grenade proof capabilities.

    Tata MPV | Indian Army Vehicles
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    With a 242 bhp turbocharged diesel on-board and a maximum achievable speed of 80 kmph, the MPV can take on almost any terrain thrown at it. Tata MPV’s main function is to serve as mine proof-troop transport vehicle. It is also used a law enforcement special response vehicle used for counter-insurgency operations in conflicted areas.

  4. Mahindra Marksman

    Manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra after the fateful 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. The Marksman is currently used by Force One, Kolkata Police and the Indian armed forces. The Marksman has proved its utility in combat with a great performance during counter-terrorist operations.

    Mahindra Marksman | Indian Army Vehicles
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    Fitted with a 2.6L turbocharged diesel engine that churns 150 bhp and 228 nm of torque, it can seat upto 6 personnel at a time. It has also got tyres installed with run-flat technology and can reach an impressive speed of 120 kmph. The Mahindra Marksman has found great success as an armoured vehicle for troops posted in conflicted areas such as Jammu & Kashmir.

  5. Windy 505

    This is Indian army’s first-ever patented vehicle innovated by corps of electrical and mechanical engineers and was unveiled on the occasion of the eighth Corps Reunion.

    Windy 505 | Indian Army Vehicles
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    The Windy 505 is a state-of-the-art combat vehicle equipped with Medium Missile Gun (MMG) and Global Positioning System (GPS) with additional surveillance equipment.

  6. Ashok Leyland Medium Bullet Proof Vehicle (MBPV)

    Ashok Leyland MBPV armoured protected versatile response vehicle is utilized by the army troops for operations mainly in Red Corridors. Boasting a superior ballistic and blast protection capsule, the MBPV can withstand an 8 kg TNT explosion. Installed with 360-degree PTZ camera with supplementary powerful surveillance and one-hour video recording.

    Altogether, the MBPV can carry UPTO 10 personnel and could provide them with comfort in extreme terrains with powerful ducted HVAC system for air distribution in the vehicle cabin.

  7. Mahindra Armoured MEVA Straton Plus

    Mahindra’s MEVA Straton Plus equipped with a Ford F550 6.7 L turbocharged diesel engine with 300 bhp and 894 nm torque is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) offered in LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) and LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) versions. With a carrying capacity of 12 personnel, this bulletproof armoured vehicle is made for police and army troops.

    Mahindra Straton | Indian Army Vehicles
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    Additionally, separate seat belts and cabin AC makes the Straton quite a comfy armoured vehicle. The Straton’s also got on-board tyre inflation system, gun ports for defensive and offence, Low MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul options) heavy-duty suspension and brakes and then some.

  8. Tata Kestrel

    Tata Motors defence division and DRDO got together and created an armoured personnel vehicle called the Tata Kestrel. With a 600 bhp churning turbo diesel engine.

    Tata Kestrel | Indian Army Vehicles
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    The Kestrel also packs anti-mine and IED protection with run-flat tyres and superior water wading capabilities.

  9. Renault Sherpa

    The Renault Sherpa is currently in-use by the National Security Guards (NSG) and Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF). The Sherpa has a 4.7L turbo-diesel engine with 215 bhp and 800 nm torque and a 1000 litre fuel tank on top of that.

    Renault Sherpa
    Image Courtesy:

    That’s not all, the Sherpa has a carrying capacity of nearly 11 tonnes (11,000 kgs) with a maximum speed of 110 kmph. It can carry up to 4 to 5 soldiers and is best suited for tactical missions such as scouting, patrol and convoy escort.

  10. Mahindra MPV

    Mahindra MPVI or Mine Protected Vehicle India (MPVI) manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra and Defence Land Systems India. The MPVI is a special vehicle for counter-insurgency and anti-Naxal operations.

    Mahindra MPVI | Indian Army Vehicles
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    It can carry up to 18 personnel and can withstand a 14 kg TNT explosion under its hull. The main goal of creating this vehicle is to save the lives of soldiers and police officials in conflict-affected areas.

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