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10 Cars with the Best Rear Legroom Space

Different people look for different things while choosing their next car. Some go for performance, others might go for features. Similarly, there is a set of audience who like to have a comfortable ride in the rear seat of their car. For a comfortable ride, you need ample legroom. Not every car has got the legroom that everyone can fit into. Here are 10 cars in the Indian market with the best rear legroom. Here you will see cars from different segment so we request you to compare them with a rival only if they are from the same segment!

  1. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso | Maruti Suzuki BS4 Offers
    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

    This entry-level car from Maruti Suzuki has got a feature-loaded cabin. A 1.0-litre 3-Cylinder engine powers this micro SUV under the hood and generates decent power with a fuel efficiency of up to 21-22 kpl. Here, we are talking about the legroom so if you are in the rear seat of the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, you get legroom of 660mm to 900mm where the minimum legroom is also enough for a person with average Indian height of 5ft. FYI, Kwid has got legroom of 580-780mm so clearly, S-Presso is the segment leader!

  2. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    Maruti WagonR | The History of India's Most Loved Hatchback
    Maruti WagonR

    You have seen this tallboy in every list of top 10’s. Be it top-selling cars, best-mileage cars, feature-loaded cars and today in the list of cars with the best legroom. WagonR provides you with the best-in-class legroom along with a great headroom as well. The 2019 WagonR can easily fit a 6ft tall human at the rear seat. What’s more? WagonR comes with great fuel efficiency, company fitted CNG and an optional AMT!

  3. Maruti Suzuki Swift

    2018 - The Third Gen
    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Another one from Maruti Suzuki! No, this article is not sponsored. Believe us. It’s just that if we compare Maruti Suzuki Swift to Hyundai’s Grand i10, Swift is way ahead in terms of legroom for both the front and the rear compartment! Standing third in our list of cars with the best legroom, Swift comes at a price segment which is somewhat where you will find Ford Figo and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios as its competitor. Swift is an excellent combination of legroom and shoulder room which makes it a perfect choice for those looking for space.

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  4. Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Maruti Suzuki Baleno
    Maruti Suzuki Baleno

    Stepping into the range of premium hatchbacks, Baleno comes with decent legroom at the rear seats. Also, the headroom and shoulder room of this premium hatch is good enough for 3 passengers to fit-in. The rear compartment’s legroom can easily beat a compact sedan in terms of comparison. Need a live example? Just to let you know, The Great Khali drives the Toyota Glanza (the rebadged version of Baleno). Just think about how massive the legroom and headroom would be!

  5. Honda WR-V

    Honda WR-V 2020 | Upcoming budget cars in 2020
    Honda WR-V

    Finally a brand other than MSIL! Honda WR-V comes with class-leading rear legroom. With a 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine, this car doesn’t fail to impress at all! Talking about the features, you would get all that you can wish for including a sunroof! What’s more? You get Honda’s safety, trust and reliability!

  6. Mahindra XUV300

    Mahindra XUV300 | Made In India Cars
    Mahindra XUV300 | Cars with the best legroom

    The made-in-India car that has made into the news recently with its growing sales. Mahindra XUV300 has made it into the top 10 selling cars in India. Do you think the great rear legroom can be one of the factors behind its success? Well, it might be! Mahindra XUV300 comes at a starting price of Rs. 8.3Lakhs and justifies the price segment with loads of features on offer!

  7. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    Maruti Suzuki Dzire | 3rd Generation
    Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    The Dzire recently got a minor facelift. Talking about the legroom and cabin space, Dzire offers the best-in-class cabin space along with great legroom that makes it comfortable for all the tall passengers. As said earlier, Maruti Suzuki is the synonym of trust in India. Therefore, the MS Dzire is a widely sold sub-4-metre sedan in India. Honda Amaze also provides a decent amount of legroom and headroom but you know why DZire has got a higher sales figure? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s a Maruti!

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  8. Honda City


    Honda City is also a widely sold sedan in India. For those who wish to get those plush interiors along with performance and efficiency, Honda City becomes a perfect pick! Talking about the legroom, Honda City offers great legroom where a 6ft tall passenger can easily fit in! Honda City forms the heartbeat for all the sedan lovers in India and just to let you know, it will soon get a facelift which will make it even more popular among Indians.

  9. MG Hector

    MG Hector | How To Do It Right?
    MG Hector

    The first product from Morris garages in India. Hector gained quick success in the Indian market. This SUV has received immense love from the Indian audience and that is completely justified with all the features Hector has on offer for such a nominal price! The second row is reclinable and the cabin space is phenomenal. Talking about the competitors, Mahindra XUV500 has also got great legroom but you cannot recline the 2nd row. This is where Hector takes the lead!

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  10. Toyota Innova Crysta


    Innova Crysta is the supreme leader in terms of space in its segment! With Toyota’s trust and reliability, this car has developed a great market for itself in India. You can go for the 2nd-row captain seats which offer massive shoulder room and headroom too. But if you need the 2nd row to fit-in 3 passengers, you can easily do that too! Innova Crysta is capable of fitting in 3 passengers in the middle seat without any hassle!

These were the 10 cars that are currently available in the Indian market with the best rear legroom on offer! Share this article with all those looking to buy a new car. Who knows, one of these might become their next choice!

Vishal Khanna
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  1. I appreciate your work very much .u have told correct and i quite liked the baleno texts😁Everything is just perfectly said until i read the honda city one. U know ciaz is thw longest and the car with the longest wheelbase.so its the car in c2 segment which offers the best leg room.so why mention honda city.??

    • Hi Tarun
      First of all, thank you for appreciating my hard work. I know Ciaz is a really good car and would be a perfect fit in the list. Considering I was mentioning Maruti Suzuki a lot, I decided to mention City for the sedan segment just to have some variety in the article!
      Thanks for commenting.
      Stay pinned!

  2. Please advise me for purchase of car between ignis and baleno. i am little confused. from all front from leg room to boot space, hight etc.

    • Hi Kandarpa,
      Maruti Suzuki Baleno is for sure a better option when legroom, boot space or height is concerned. The Baleno also offers a CVT transmission while the Ignis offers an AMT only. But when the power to weight ratio is concerned, Ignis is a better option as both the cars offer the same engine. The Baleno has a 1.2-litre DualJet, Dual VVT engine as an option which offers 66hp of power, 5hp more than the 1.2-litre VVT offered as the standard on both the cars. The last part is the price. Maruti Suzuki Baleno base variant (Sigma Petrol) will cost ₹5,63,602 while the Sigma variant for Ignis costs ₹4,89,320 (prices are ex-showroom Delhi). If you ask us, Baleno has more to offer for sure. Do let us know your choice!

    • Hi Jayaraj,

      You can surely go for Nissan Magnite or the Renault Triber under this price range. Both of the cars offer a good package of features and powertrain options. Also, Magnite scored a 4-star rating at the ASEAN NCAP rating.

  3. Hi Ritvik, thanks for the information. I am planning buy an SUV with good features and large boot, budget around 17-18 lakhs (is there a cheaper option!). Am considering Seltos htx petrol (petrol as I don’t drive much).
    Not considering Creta, only because of long wait.

    What you think of my choice and other model suggestions?

    Also worried about leg space hump, is it too humpy in Seltos, compared to other SUVs, or any better option considering this point?

  4. Hi Ritvik, thanks for the information. I am planning buy an SUV with good features and large boot, budget around 17-18 lakhs (is there a cheaper option!). Am considering Seltos htx petrol (petrol as I don’t drive much).
    Not considering Creta, only because of long wait.

    What you think of my choice and other model suggestions?

    Also worried about leg space hump, is it too humpy in Seltos, compared to other SUVs, or any better option considering this point?


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