No drive is truly secured without the safety and security of those who drive it. And to ensure impeccable safety in vehicles, manufacturers do their best to include various safety features onboard. From reverse parking sensors to multiple airbags, vehicle safety is a multidimensional aspect. And one thing that plays a very crucial role in safety, are Fog Lamps. And for those looking for an added layer of safety, LED Fog Lamps are the answer. Here are the top 8 vehicles that offer LED Fog Lamps on board.

  1. Honda Jazz

    2020 Honda Jazz Facelift Launched
    The 2020 Honda Jazz Facelift

    A glorious premium hatchback from the house of Honda, Jazz has been in the game for over a decade now. Evolving with time, Jazz has always offered top-class features. Topping the list now, is stock LED Fog Lamps that are offered from the top-end ZX variants that retail for Rs. 8.88 Lakhs, making the Jazz one of the very few hatches in India to offer stock LED Fog Lamps.

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  2. Honda City

    2020 Honda City
    The 5th Generation Honda City

    A sedan that has carved its own niche in the segment, the Honda City has seen it all. With 5 generations in existence, the Honda City is a name that has always been one of India’s best sedans. With a plethora of features on-board, the Honda City in its top of the line avatar (ZX) also offers stock LED Fog Lamps. The ZX trim of the City can be brought home for a price of Rs. 13.44 Lakhs.

  3. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

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    The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

    A vehicle that is synonymous with comfort, convenience and superb efficiency, the Ciaz also comes with ample safety features on-board. Being a value for money package, the Ciaz is indeed the choice of many. Evolving over the Ciaz the Ciaz now offers stock LED Fog Lamps from the Zeta trim onwards that is sold for a price starting from Rs. 9.85 Lakhs onwards.

  4. Kia Seltos

    2021 Kia Seltos | Front Profile
    The 2021 Kia Seltos

    A newbie that took the compact SUV segment by a storm, the Kia Seltos tops the list in almost every aspect. From driving dynamics to comfort features, the Seltos is quite an offering. Amongst several features on-board, the Seltos also offers stock LED Fog Lamps from the HTK trim onwards that can be brought home for a price of Rs. 10.74 Lakhs onwards.

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  5. Maruti Suzuki Brezza

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    Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

    Maruti’s promising compact hatchback, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza is loved by millions of Indians across the nation. As a vehicle, the Brezza offers a lot of features on-board, including LED Fog Lamps, which can be had with the ZXI+ variant priced at Rs. 9.85 Lakhs onwards.

  6. Nissan Magnite

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    The Nissan Magnite

    Launched merely months back, the Nissan Magnite is a compact SUV that has impressed the masses with its aggressive price tag, great build quality and a value for money offering. At a time when manufacturers ignore features like LED Fog Lamps, the Magnite brings it onboard its XV Premium trims that retails for a price starting at Rs. 7.68 Lakhs.

  7. Jeep Compass

    2020 Jeep Compass
    The All-New Jeep Compass

    An SUV that resonates with premium styling and a luxury vibe, the Jeep Compass isn’t just capable, but also smart. Offering several practical and safety features on-board, the Jeep Compass shines bright with even LED Fog Lamps that are available starting from the Longitude variant that retails from price starting from Rs. 20.69 Lakhs

  8. Skoda Octavia

    2021 Skoda Octavia
    2021 Skoda Octavia

    The sedan that speaks only luxury, the Octavia has been one of the best-selling luxury sedans in India. And with performance that is pure bliss, everything about the Octy is simply awesome. In terms of offerings, the Octy brings in plenty of modern-day tech along with stock LED Fog Lamps on all its variants. Priced between Rs. 25.99 – 28.99 Lakhs, the Octavia is simply clever!

    So these were 8 great vehicles that are offered with stock LED Fog Lamps on-board. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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