Engine, the essential machine where all the magic happens. It is the engine that gives a soul to an otherwise useless metallic shell. That said, most of the cars driving on the road have a typical inline 3 or inline 4 engine. But apart from these conventional engines, there are cars that come with unusual and unique engines under their hoods. So, in this read, we’ll see 6 such cars that come powered by a unique engine.

  1. Tata Nano (2 cylinder petrol engine)

    Nano: India's cheapest car
    Nano: India’s cheapest car

    The car that created hype just after its launch is the Tata Nano. The Indian carmaker Tata marketed Nano as the most affordable car in India. Where this was a super idea, the company didn’t sell the car in huge numbers.

    Still, it was a remarkable vehicle as it was *THE* cheapest production car across the globe. Well, highlighting cheap, the car came with a unique but tiny 624cc twin-cylinder motor. This small engine delivers a peak power of just 37bhp and maximum torque of 51Nm.

  2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel (2 cylinder diesel engines)

    Maruti Suzuki Celerio | 10 Worst Selling Cars
    Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel

    The top-selling car maker in India is the Maruti Suzuki and aiding this fact are sets of fuel-efficient petrol as well as diesel engines. Diesel? Yes, for more than a decade Maruti Suzuki did sell cars with diesel engines. One of which was the Celerio Diesel. Although this diesel engine didn’t sell in big numbers it was indeed unique.

    Powering the Celerio diesel was 793cc 2 cylinder engine that also was the first engine by Suzuki after about 105+ years history.  At its launch, Celerio Diesel was also the cheapest diesel car in the country. This small turbocharged engine produces 47bhp of peak power with 125Nm of maximum torque.

  3. Polaris Multix (2 cylinder engine)

    Eicher Polaris Multix
    Eicher Polaris Multix

    Another vehicle to come with a 2 cylinder diesel was the Eicher Polaris Multix. Yes, there was a 4 wheeled vehicle that existed in the Indian market named Multix. This 4 wheeler was neither a car nor an auto rikshaw but somewhere in the middle. That said, being a very small vehicle, it came powered by an equally small engine.

    Polaris Multix came with 2 diesel engine options, a 511cc and a 652cc motor. Moving on, the small engine was capable of generating meer 9.78bhp and 27Nm of peak torque. And talking about the 652cc motor it was healthy enough to produce 13bhp and 37Nm of peak torque.

  4. Bajaj Qute (single cylinder)

    Bajaj Qute
    Bajaj Qute / cars with unique engines

    Ever wondered what if we power a 4 wheeler via a single-cylinder motorcycle engine? Bajaj precisely mounted a 216cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled motor to a 4 wheeler. Et Voila! Bajaj Qute came into being. This small engine came with the traditional company’s DTS-i technology.

    Now, speaking of power, this single-cylinder motor generates max power of 12bhp and a peak torque of 18.9Nm. Additionally, the Qute was offered with two fuel options, CNG and LPG.

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  5. Mazda RX7 (Rotary Engine)

    Vin diesel cars | 1993 Mazda RX7
    1993 Mazda RX7 / cars with unique engines

    Let’s fly our thoughts to Japan to discuss Mazda RX7. A car guy or an automobile enthusiast precisely know what RX7 is and what is so unique about it. And of course, the availability of JDM parts making the engine stand out in the crowd.

    But the thing that is unique about this engine is that RX7 was among the first production cars to get a rotary engine. We’ll talk about its working later, so let’s talk power. This twin-rotor 1300cc turbo petrol engine. Well, this small capacity engine is capable of generating 273bhp of max power and 295Nm of peak torque.

  6. Porsche Boxter (Flat 4 engine or boxer engine)

    Porsche 718
    Porsche 718 Boxter / cars with unique engines

    Now, let’s come back to the cars that are sold in India. The next vehicle on this list to have a unique engine is the Porsche Boxter. Starting with the basic specification, the current Porsche Boxter comes with a 1988cc turbo petrol 4 cylinder engine.

    But what’s unique about it? Well, the cylinders in the engine are parallel to the ground versus being perpendicular. in other words, the Boxter comes with a flat 4 engine. This motor is capable of generating 295bhp of max power and 380Nm of peak torque.

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