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Celebrities and Used Luxury Cars | The Fascinating Mystery!

Used car buying in India is often looked on to as something which lowers your social status. While used luxury cars are a big hit on Youtube these days, people are often found criticising them and going towards buying new common cars. Well, we are not saying that buying a new car is not a good thing, but buying a used luxury car can be a good experience as well. Today, we’ve brought to you some celebrities who have bought used luxury cars. Check these out. We will also tell you why they might have done this.

  • Virat Kohli

    Virat Bentley
    Virat Bentley

    Starting our list with Virat Kohli’s Bentley Continental GT which costs around 3.5 Cr! But did you know that our captain bought it as a pre-owned vehicle? Well, this isn’t it. He also owns another Bentley Flying Spur in Mumbai which is also a pre-owned vehicle. Interesting? There’s more! Read on!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Big Boyz Toyz has been a fascinating name for all those who want to buy used luxury cars. But did you know, even Bollywood celebrities went to the store to get some luxury machines for themselves? Well, Shilpa Shetty is one of the recent examples. She bought herself an RR Vogue.

  • Sardar Singh & Dinesh Karthik

    Sardar Singh Range Rover
    Sardar Singh Range Rover 

    Well, BBT has got some more customers. Two of them are the Indian hockey team’s youngest captain, Sardar Singh and the Indian cricket team’s Dinesh Karthik. Both of them got themselves a Range Rover and Porsche 911 Turbo S. Well, these cars come with a big price tag but both of them saved significantly as compared to them buying new cars.

  • Honey Singh & Badshah

    Badshah's RR
    Badshah’s RR

    Coming to the music industry, Badshah and Honey Singh both use pre-owned luxury cars where the OG rapper had an Audi R8 which he bought from BBT (yet again!) and Badshah has a Rolls Royce Wraith. His family seems extremely happy posing with their luxury ride!

  • Ashneer Grover

    Last but not least, we have our own shark, Ashneer Grover who bought a used Mercedes SUV just because the dealer told him that it belonged to MS Dhoni! Well, this dealer was surely an example of Doglapan because he lied just to sell his car! Nevermind, coming back to the point, this was a used luxury buy too.

Now coming to why celebrities do this?

Vishal Khanna
Vishal Khanna
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