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The 8 Commandments Of A CVT Automatic Car

With cars with manual transmission fading away, the automatic transmission is the new go-to choice for Indian customers. Gone are the days when the value for money was a thing. Okay, agreed; still, there are people that prefer value for money cars, still driving comfort is taking over the instincts of the people buying cars. That said, among all the automatic transmissions, CVT is the most efficient. So, let’s have a look at the 8 commandments of a car with a CVT automatic.

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  1. Thou Shall come to a complete halt to change a gear

    Car damaging habits
    Slow down before you stop

    Thou shall come to a complete stop before shifting the gears, so as to not damage any moving part in the drivetrain of the vehicle.

  2. Thou Shall Not suddenly drop a gear

    Explaining the CVT Gearbox and why its so Efficient
    CVT Gearbox

    Thou shall try not to drop the drive mode from neutral in high revs, so as to not stress the engine and the belts of the CVT transmission. Not suddenly dropping the gear will allow the vehicle to have a longer-lasting transmission.

  3. Thou Shall Not coast in neutral

    Maruti Suzuki CVT
    Maruti Suzuki CVT

    Thou shall try not to coast in neutral, so as to have better and more control of the vehicle. Coasting in drive mode will allow the car to use engine braking and remove some of the load from the braking system.

  4. Thou Shall Not hold the car on a hill with the throttle

    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist
    2020 Honda City Hill Start Assist

    Thou shall never hold the car with CVT automatic on a hill with the throttle, so as to not make the transmission overheat and wear more.

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  5. Thou Shall shift to neutral on a traffic light

    Traffic Signal India
    Traffic Signal India

    Thou shall try not to shift to neutral on the traffic light and let the car stay in neutral, so as to save the effort of changing gears. Nevertheless, make sure you have the brake pedal fully depressed. This way, the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) will completely disable the drive from the engine to the drivetrain.

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  6. Thou shall be gentle on the throttle

    Worst Global Car Recalls
    CVT automatic

    Thou shall be gentle on the throttle in a car with CVT automatic, so as to extract more mileage from the vehicle. Cars with CVT automatic are known to have better mileage than any other automatic transmission. In some situations, CVT is more economical than manual transmissions too.

  7. Thou Shall plan overtaking beforehand

    Thou shall plan your moves like overtakes beforehand, so as to avoid any mistakes and mis-happenings when driving on the road. CVT automatic is a little slow to respond to sudden throttle changes.

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  8. Thou Shall Use the low-range gear on a steep uphill

    Thou shall try to use the low range gear when driving on a steep hill climb, so as to let the transmission work in its optimum and not prevent it from overloading and overheating.

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Here were the 8 commandments of a CVT automatic, thou shall remember, so as to increase the life of your vehicle and transmission.

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