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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Connected Tyre? Yes, You Read That Right!

Connected cars have already started to be a part of our lives but who thought that connected tyres could be developed too. Italian tyremaker, Pirelli has come up with new technology in the world of tyres. The “Cyber tyre” is the latest innovation in the tyre world. This tyre is capable of communicating with your car’s engine and even to other drivers!

What is the Connected Tyre technology?

These connected tyres have got multiple sensors which are capable of monitoring the car based on different variables. These include, naturally, tire pressure, but also tread depth, tyre temperature, acceleration and the ability to sense water and ice on the road. All the collected information is sent to the engine. The engine then can adjust the traction control, emergency braking and suspension requirements. Further, these tyres can also ping the nearby 5G towers to alert the nearby vehicles as well for the driving conditions or possible hazards.

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5GAA- Automotive Association organised an event in Italy. Pirelli is a member of this association and demonstrated their new technology during “The 5G Path of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication” event. Pirelli has named their connected tyre project as “World-first 5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) service”. 

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The demonstration for the connected tyre technology took place on the roof of the Lingotto building. Pirelli, Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italiadesign and KTH together demonstrated how a vehicle equipped with the connected tyre technology could prove to be beneficial. The vehicle having the Cyber Tyre was able to transmit the risk of aquaplaning to the car behind it. This was possible only due to the multiple sensors fixed inside the Cyber Tyres and obviously due to the high band and low latency of the 5G network!

Pirelli develops connected tyre
Pirelli Cyber Tyre Concept

Pirelli further plans to expand the communication context of the connected tyre soon. Pirelli is also working on developing tailor-made products to suit the needs of the carmakers and the customers to understand how this technology will prove to be a breakthrough in the near future!

Read what Pirelli has to say about the development here.

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