The latest highway to get the FASTag setup is the Yamuna Expressway. So, if you like to go on road trips or travel two and fro from Delhi to Agra apply for a Tag if you haven’t got it already. For you to know the FASTag is a part of the digital payment concept.

FASTag Sticker On A Honda City
FASTag Sticker | Fastag Update

Well, this concept of digitalizing everything including toll collection, here in India, is in full swing. It is so prominent even in the automotive world as earlier FASTag was mandated pan India from 1st January. But, it’s a different story that the deadline was extended to 15th February. With that clear, here is a little peak about the FASTag venture.

FASTag Pan India

FASTag reading machine faulty? No need to pay any toll.
  • Many of the tolls around the country are either ready or almost ready to go all FASTag.
  • It is the later is the scenario for the Yamuna expressway where it is speculated that it will be ready before 15th Feb.
  • Talking about numbers, around 40,000 vehicles race (not quite literally) on this 163km stretch.
  • Before walking into the digital world, the tolls at this expressway were deprived of electronic payment.
  • This resulted in long queues hence it took wasted the precious time of the travellers.
  • To reduce this wastage of time, this is indeed a positive initiative.

Other Digital Measures

FASTag Lanes Defaulters Pay ₹20 Crores To NHAI As Fines
FASTag Lanes Defaulters Pay ₹20 Crores To NHAI As Fines

So, to make the travel convenience and hassle-free NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) is constantly evolving.

  • To start with, the FASTag application is constantly updated that provides the users with new features.
  • This also includes colour-coded status that can diagnose the balance in your wallet.
    • Green – Denotes Active tag with ample balance
    • Orange/Amber – Depicts low balance
    • Red – That shows that the tag is for the blacklisted tags
  • Also, shortly, FASTag would be mandatory to get new third party insurance. This will be applicable from 1st April this year.

Are the initiative to make everything online and digital on point? or are there more things that can be done, what is your take on it?

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