What comes in mind when you hear Maruti Suzuki Alto? A small car? A basic car? If yes, then it’s true. Alto is known to be a family car with a low powered engine adequate enough for city drives. But some car lovers just can’t bear the low revs. One such fanatic, Sriniketh Acharya, turned his normal day Alto to the fastest Alto alive! How can we say that? Let’s find out!

The speed comparison

Let’s talk about the basic Maruti Suzuki Alto first. It takes 13.3 seconds to reach 100kmph from nothing. The top speed this hatchback can touch is between 140-150kmph. It can merely reach the rpm of 6,000.

India's Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto
India’s Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto

Now let’s have a look at Sriniketh’s Alto. The fastest Alto alive can reach 100kmph from 0 in less than 10 seconds. This Alto can reach top speeds of over 180kmph after limiting and the engine can rev over 7,000rpm. It is clear from this comparison that this Alto is surely a fast one. But what has gone into making it such? Let’s have a look.

From an ORDINARY to the FASTEST Maruti Alto: The Journey

It was not an easy job and wasn’t cheap either. The whole modification has cost Sriniketh Acharya around ₹3.5lakhs which does not include the cost of the car. Actually the modification has costed more than the actual cost of the car.

The Engine bay
The Engine bay

First of all, to increase the power output of the engine, a bigger throttle body was added to the setup. This unbudgeable Alto gets a stand-alone ECU. NGK iridium spark plugs were added for better ignition of fuel. For the exhaust system, a custom-made free-flow exhaust and free-flowing CAT CAN was added. The air intake was also customised to ensure proper air-flow. The engine block was bored to accustom the bigger pistons. The head of the engine was upgraded to stage 2. HKS high-lifted camshafts were added. The intake manifold, exhaust manifold and the piston heads were ported and polished. Excedy aftermarket clutch and flywheel replaced the company-fitted ones.

The braking mechanism
The braking mechanism

For the braking duties, EBC brake pads along with Brembo rotors was given to the Maruti Alto. The tyres are now the Yokohama 185/60*13 low profile replacing the original MRFs from the company. The suspension was stiffened to allow a better performance. And the ratio of the gearbox was shortened for quicker transmission.

Free-flow exhaust
Free-flow exhaust

Now a car that has to run on a higher rpm and higher speeds, the engine will require more fuel intake. So this Maruti Suzuki Alto has been given a bigger fuel pump and bigger injectors. This hatchback runs on a high octane fuel which ensures high performance.

Interior and Exterior: What are the major changes

India's Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto
India’s Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto

At the exterior, the first prominent change is the prominent after-market Suzuki badging and the bumper at the front. This is adorned by customer LED headlamps. At the rear, Alto gets tinted tail lamps and a roof-mounted spoiler.

Inside India's Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto
Inside India’s Fastest Maruti Suzuki Alto

Getting inside the car, the first change you will see is the steering wheel. It is a MOMO aftermarket steering wheel which adds to the racing feel of the car. The gear knob and the pedal have been changed too. The speedometer is also upgraded. And in the picture at the right side of Vighnaharta Ganesh is a two-step type R tachometer.

The interior has got a hydro dipped carbon-fibre treatment which just adds to the glory of this Alto. And that’s not all. While Sriniketh revs his car, he listens to the enthralling music on the Sony Xplod speakers along with a 12″ sub-woofer which has a peak power output of 3800 watts.

India’s Family car: Maruti Suzuki Alto | 20 Years of Affordability

And the owner is in no mood to stop right here. Sriniketh is planning to turbocharge the engine which will add to the power specs. We will surely cover the turbocharged Alto soon which will break its own records.

What are your views on this modified Maruti Suzuki Alto? Do you have such a modified car? Or do you plan to modify one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Sriniketh bro!! I know you very well!!.. my brother too!! We know you are going to really push the limit and make it more gorgeous!!.. waiting for the next mods!!.. get it soon😉

  2. This is really impressive.
    In Sri Lanka, we have few Altos and K10s running with intercooled turbos and piggybacked ECUs drag racing with Toyota glanza turbos

    • Hi Arshad,
      When a person plans to modify a car, it really doesn’t matter which car he chooses, it is the mods that will matter. That’s how one can see the skills of the person modifying the car.

  3. Bro. . … What you have made is absolutely amazing . Even I have an alto and wanna modify it and thanks for mentioning all the stuffs that you have done to the car. Also, I have few doubts regarding these modifications….. I wish to contact you for knowing more about the work

  4. Hello Ritvik,

    How could you say this Alto is the fastest in the country when a Turbo Charged Alto is already there in Kerala?
    Did you run this vehicle on a Dyno?
    How could a Naturally Aspirated car could be faster than a Turbocharged without Cam, Piggyback and other stuff?

    Please don’t write up such misleading information in exchange of money.

    I hope next time you will be more cautious while writing.


      • Hello Ritvik,

        The entire information is Fake and can be created in one single call. Quantum Performance is a UK based organisation, they don’t have any Dyno setup in India. A Gujarat based Franchising organization is running this in India who’s mobile number is also fake. Moreover the website http://www.quantumtuning.in/ is not even an https site. If Sriniketh’s Naturally Aspirated Car is the Fastest Alto in the country then tuners like Race Concepts and Arka Motorsports will shut their garage and all Rally Performance cars will be sent to Sriniketh or Quantum Performance to certifying the power output.

        Whatever you’ve mentioned in your article they’re good to read but hard to believe. Please get in touch with Race Concepts to know about the Turbo Charged Alto. Rest of the things you know what you need to do as a journalist.

        Thanks 🙏

        • Hi Over Revv,
          We had a call with Quantum Tuning. First of all, the organisation is legit and the website is also operational. We shared Sriniketh’s certificate with them for clarification. Quantum Tuning has stated that the certificate has been fabricated, the part you are completely correct about. We will be taking necessary action. Quantum Tuning will be taking action against Sriniketh too. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

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