Is The Force Urbania A Worthy Offering In India?

Force Urbania | A Worthy Bid For the Indian Market?

Force has unveiled a new van for the Indian market. The brand is known for the Force Traveller which serves multiple purposes across the country. The newly launched Force Urbania is a more refined and comfortable version of the traveler. But how will the Urbania help Force? Let’s talk about this today!

  • What’s different on the Force Urbania?

The ergonomics and the design is what is primarily done differently here. The overall bulk had been curtailed very well. This makes this van look like it will be more comfortable on Indian roads than a massive Traveller. It comes in 3 variants, short wheelbase (3350mm, 11-seater), medium wheelbase (3615mm, 14-seater), and long wheelbase (4400mm, 18-seater). Force claims that the Urbania is very much like a regular car. The steering is positioned in a way to make the driver feel like being in a much smaller vehicle. It gets both tilt and telescopic adjust in order to obtain the most comfortable seating posture. Force has also focused on improving safety and has added discs on all 4 wheels. Features like ABS, EBD, TC, and ESP have been added as well.

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  • What drives the Force Urbania?

This van gets a 2.6L diesel engine that has been sourced from Mercedes Benz. This engine makes 115HP and 350nm. Force has worked on this engine to cut down on noise, harshness, and vibrations and make the cabin as silent as possible. 

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  • Features

Well, vans are not expected to have a lot of features, especially multi-seater ones. However, the Urbania gets some comfort and convenience features that enrich your experience. All passengers get individual AC vents, and the cabins on each variant are the roomiest in the segment. The driver gets an infotainment screen with a reverse camera as well.

  • How will the Urbania help Force?

Well, Force has not only manufactured this van for India. The Force Urbania is made for many foreign markets as well. Force believes that the Urbania will be an excellent value proposition in Europe, the Middle East, and even the Americas. Compared to the vans on sale there, the Urbania is much cheaper and offers a decent package. So yes, the Urbania can help Force expand its market globally.

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  • Is India the right marketplace for this van?

Well, the only other vehicle on sale in this segment is the Force Traveler. The Traveler is more like a bus, and there is virtually no use for it as a personal vehicle. The Urbania aims on changing that and Force believes that this smaller, more ergonomic van can make it to some personal garages as well. Other than this, Tata had come up with the Winger many years ago, however, it also sold more at a commercial level and less as a personal vehicle.

  • Pricing

In India, the Urbania starts at Rs. 28.99 Lakhs for the short-wheelbase variant. The medium and long wheelbase variants cost Rs. 29.50 and Rs. 31.25 Lakhs respectively.

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