10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Car Air Purifier Right Now!

GoMechanic Car C4 Air Purifier

There is one thing that is prominent in the metro cities in India, that is Pollution. Here are some science lessons, pollution is of various types and all the types are in abundance in the big cities. But it is the Air Pollution we are after, for now. Back when the lockdown ruled the streets, Delhi and Delhi NCRs AQI (Air Quality Index) was around 50 which used to hover around 700. Well, it’s sad to say that the AQI is back to square 1.

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There are various remedies to this problem, the most prominent being planting more trees and containing the expansion of concrete jungles, this is something that’ll take time. For now, the effective way is to go for the GoMechanic C4 Car Air Purifier.

Home air purifier-check, office air purifier-check, environment air-purifier-check (Some crossings in Gurugram), what about your car? With such conditions, it is necessary to have an air purifier that comes with a myriad of features and thoroughly cleans your car’s atmosphere. Here are 10 reasons why you go for the GoMechanic C4 Car Air Purifier.

  1. You Suffer from Allergies

    There are two sides to this, one where your respiratory tract is sensitive to dust, pollen and pollution. Second, you don’t have any problem but the place where you live has one, i.e. air pollution. This air pollution with its many harmful contaminants could lead to the development of allergies. This is when the body is exposed to air pollution for really long periods every day. This is where the GoMechanic C4 air purifier comes handy. The 4 layered filter provides multi-step purification which can clean the air in no time.

  2. You have Respiratory Issues

    GoMechanic Accessories CARB C4 Air Purifier

    Suffering from a respiratory issue is always troublesome. So, it’s better to care for the system and minimize its pollution exposure. Cleaner air is all that your respiratory system demands and GoMechanic C4 air purifier has all the ingredients making it one of the effective purifier out there. That said, C4 air purifier comes with a multi-step purifier with HEPA filter that traps about 99% of contaminants enabling you to breathe cleaner air.

  3. You Suffer from Fatigue

    If you easily get tired and usually have an elevated respiration rate, poor air quality in your car could be the prime problem. Your vehicle travels everywhere you go, so a cleaner air in the car just solve this problem. But how to get cleaner air? GoMechanic C4 Air Purifier could just be right for you. This gets all the right kit like HEPA filter that provides 4 layers of filtration.

  4. You Have Children

    Have children

    Children are so different from an adult, well not only in terms of their size but also their biology. They have different metabolism is susceptible to air pollution and they can develop allergies at early stages. So, it is highly recommended to get a car air purifier for your car too.

  5. You have a Baby or a Pregnant Women in your Car

    New Born

    Like small children, a new-born baby and a pregnant woman are also prone to catch allergies or respiratory problems if they are exposed to air pollution for a long period of times. Many biologists and doctors believe that a new-born or a foetus in the womb is super sensitive to the changes in the atmosphere. The air purifier will make sure that both, the new-born and the mother both are healthy.

  6. You are Over 60 Years’ Old

    Now, you may ask, what’s wrong with a person who is 60+ years old? Anything and everything in this universe has a defined lifespan. And all know that with time the human body has to face difficulties to function. Well, air pollution is one thing that can take a serious toll on the human body. Air pollution, though one word consists of a ton of harmful constituents that could readily be solved with the GoMechanic C4 car air purifier. The purifier also gets a small display for the temperature and humidity.

  7. You are a Gadget Freak

    Car Tech

    We, personally like to use the latest and modern gadgets, not just because of sheer comfort but also to explore. The engineers, be it electronics or manufacturing all have worked hard in making a product and using and exploring one is very much satisfying. If you are like us, then an air purifier could be one modern gadget good for health as well as could satisfy the love for gadgets until a new gadget comes in.

  8. You Like a Cleaner Car

    Car Care

    Cleaning your car is one thing and keeping the environment inside is next level. With a clean atmosphere on the inside of your car, you and everyone else in the car will not face any problems. That said, having a car air purifier will make things better, well this is something that is aiding in keeping everyone inside the car healthy. Talking about the GoMechanic C4 air purifier, it is sleek and fits right in a cup holder making it look elegant.

  9. Protection Against Passive Smoke

    Smoke from industries, automobiles sure aids to air pollution, but the most importantly a cigarette too plays a part in air pollution. For the people who smoke, an air purifier could reduce the impact of the smoke to some extent. An even better way to get rid of the passive smoke is the GoMechanic C4 air purifier that gets a 4 mode automatic adjustment with low noise operation.

  10. You Live Near an Industrial Area

    Car Air Purifier

    It is not at all recommended to live near an industrial area. Air pollution and dust but along with some harmful fumes will have a negative toll on a human body. But if you have no choice what so ever? you can look for the remedies. The best way to fight the air pollution and dust is the GoMechanic C4 air purifier that boasts of a high-grade HEPA filter and a 4 -layer filtration that covers an average area of 25sq. ft. This makes it one of the most effective air purifiers for your car in the market.

GoMechanic Carbn C4

So, if any of the above is you, we’d highly recommend the GoMechanic car air purifier. Do let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

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