Diwali, the festival of prosperity, lights, colours and happiness. Well, all these lift the festive vibe to the next level. On the other hand, Diwali also comes with its own set of problem, including cleaning and decoration work. By now we believe your home is shining, but what about your car? It too requires a makeover or cleaning at for the least. So, to make things easy for you here are the top 10 Makeover Tips for your car.

  1. Interior Vacuum Cleaning

    Vacuum Cleaner
    Vacuum Cleaner

    No one can save a car’s interior from dust and debris. Sure, this does not look and feel good but still, it is inevitable. So, why just give your house a thorough cleaning give your car a slight makeover this time and let it be as good as new again.

  2. Dashboard Polishing

    2020 Honda City Dashboard
    2020 Honda City Dashboard

    Now the Interior has been vacuumed and the seats and floor look good, let’s move to the dashboard. Well, the fact is the car dashboard is the first thing that’ll grab your eyeballs. Getting it cleaned and polished will surely make it soothing to your eyes.

  3. Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic coating
    Ceramic coating

    With the interior done and dusted, let’s move towards the outside of the car. If you follow cars casually and/or have friends that are motorheads you must already be familiar with the term ceramic coating. This could be the perfect time to let your car glimmer as this is a festive season and Diwali is all about shining.

  4. Paint Protection Film

    applying PPF
    applying PPF

    The paint Protection film is four layers of varying compounds making one PPF. It is a type of coating which is used for more protection than to get a good look of it. PPF projects your car’s paint from small rocks and pebbles. If not ceramic coating, one can also go with PPF as the ceramic coating is an expensive affair.

  5. Get Rid of Small Dents and Scratches

    Rubbing Polishing
    Rubbing Polishing

    When getting your car ceramic coated scratches and dents are a part of the package. But again ceramic coating is expensive, then comes the PPF which also costs a fair deal. Now comes just getting your car’s dents and small scratches repaired. This will bring the car’s old shine back and will also be light on your wallet.

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  6. Repaint Those Alloys

    Alloy Wheel Coating
    Alloy Wheel Care | Car Makeover Tips

    Many of the current-gen cars come with alloy wheels. These alloy wheels look classy on the vehicle and also makes the unsprung mass of the wheel a bit lighter. As the alloy wheels take a lot of beating while running on the road they too need a bit of care. This is where the series of services come into play. This includes new paint for the alloys and detailing for alloys. Both of which will make the wheels look stunning.

  7. Invest in an Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier | Coronavirus Travel Essentials
    Car Air Purifier | Car Makeover Tips

    With the pollution coming back after the lockdown air purifier will sure come a lot handy in your car. Besides, the smog is subjected to rise during this Diwali season because of the crackers. Getting an air purifier for your vehicle will make it smell nicer and cleaner.

  8. Time For a Headlight Upgrade

    The split-type headlamps
    Headlamp Upgrade | Car Makeover Tips

    This is 2020 and the automotive sector this year is all about advancements. Most of the cars in the market come with fancy lights with projectors, LEDs and cornering lamps. But still, we have a plethora of car with halogen bulbs. Can these be upgraded? you may ask. In one word Yes! these can be upgraded and that too the cost of the upgrade is phenomenal. You can get a set of LED or HID bulbs that can easily be installed in your car’s existing headlight housing.

  9. Get a New Battery

    Car Battery Checkup
    Car Battery Check-up | Car Makeover Tips

    Sure, upgrading the headlight will make the road lit ahead but a battery can be a bottleneck. This happens because the aftermarket bulbs (HID and not LED) require a lot of energy at the time of turning it on. if the battery is old this could lead to a massive battery drain and in the end battery failure. But we recommend getting your battery checked before going for the headlight upgrade.

  10. Some Love for the Engine!

    CNG car maintenance tips
    Throttle Body Cleaning | Car Makeover Tips

    Why just only the car interior and exterior have all the fun. There are numerous ways to clean the internals of an engine. One way is to get the engine decarbonized which is a common bit. What is not so common is the cleaning the injectors and the throttle body. These two components could make a world of a difference to the car’s performance and throttle response.

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So, these were the 10 essential tips to restore your car’s shine back to its glory.

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