Kia Seltos left India in shock with the recently conducted Global NCAP crash test. This Korean SUV which took the Indian market by storm might have scored a little low in the crash test but for a country like India where the top-selling are usually not found to be safe, Kia is offering a decent deal if we consider the features being offered for the price range. If you own a Seltos or are planning to buy one, you might already know some details about the SUV but you might get to know something new if you read this one till the end. Here are the top 10 most Googled questions about Kia Seltos in India.

  1. Is Kia Seltos a 4X4?


    Unfortunately not. The Seltos we have here in India is not a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The transmission on offer makes it a front-wheel-drive vehicle. However, you can have your hands on the multiple transmission options available down the lineup.

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  2. Is Kia Seltos a 5 or 7 seater SUV?


    Just like its sibling Hyundai Creta, the Kia Seltos also gets a seating capacity of 5 only. However, you get a decent boot space of 433 litres with this Korean SUV. Those wondering about its sibling, Creta also offers the same boot space as well.

  3. Is Kia Seltos better than Creta?

    Hyundai Creta
    Hyundai Creta

    Considering the Indian market, one of the biggest factors considered by car buyers is the price. You can get Kia Seltos at a price cheaper than Creta. Also, Seltos offers some out of the box features like the heads up display and a 360-degree view which Creta lacks. Also, Creta has seen much criticism in terms of its design too. If we consider the engine and transmission, we get the same package under the hood.

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  4. What is the price of the Kia Seltos top model?


    Seltos GTX+ diesel automatic is the most expensive variant available in the lineup. This variant comes with an ex-showroom price of Rs.17.34Lakhs. Talking about other variants in the lineup, you can get the base variant at an ex-showroom price of Rs.9.89 Lakhs which is cheaper than the base variant of its sibling, the Hyundai Creta.

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  5. Is Kia Seltos a luxury car?

    Turbo petrol manual option
    Turbo petrol manual option

    Essentially, it belongs to the compact SUV segment. You can’t consider it to be a luxury car but with the features that it has on offer, it doesn’t fail to deliver luxury that you have actually paid for. Be it ventilated seats or other out of the box features like the HUD or the 360-degree display makes you feel the luxury inside!

  6. Why Kia Seltos is successful?


    The first reason is the growing popularity of the compact SUVs in India. All of us have witnessed a sudden shift in people’s interests where now people prefer buying compact SUVs over everything else. Now you would say that there are many options available in the segment. Yes, there are, but Seltos took the Indian market by storm due to the huge list of features that it has on offer! Want a detailed insight?

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  7. Is Kia Seltos made in India?


    Seltos is made inside the brand’s Anantpur facility. Kia is considering a second plant in India really soon but for now, all the 3 cars in their Indian lineup are manufactured from scratch at the facility you see above.

  8. What is the meaning of Seltos in English?


    This compact SUV gets its name from the legend of ‘Celtos’, the son of Hercules. The name represents the brave and assertive spirit of Celtos with the initial “C” replaced by “S” representing sportiness and speed.

  9. Is Kia better than Toyota?

    2021 Toyota Fortuner
    2021 Toyota Fortuner

    This question is not particularly about the car we are talking about in this article. This one targets the brand as a whole. Talking about reliability, Toyota is known for its reliability throughout the world. Kia, no doubt, provides better features throughout its lineup but if we consider reliability, Toyota definitely has an edge. The recent Global NCAP result where Seltos got a 3-star rating also made Indians question the car’s reliability and safety.

  10. Is Kia owned by Hyundai?


    Hyundai and Kia are headquartered in South Korea. Hyundai owns 33.8% of Kia’s share in the global market. HMC was founded in 1967 along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary, Kia Motors. Together, they form the Hyundai Motor Group which is the 5th largest automaker in the world as of 2012. In 1998, Hyundai helped Kia when they were going through a financial crisis by acquiring a 51% share. As already mentioned above, Hyundai currently owns a 33.8% Kia shares in the global market.

These were the 10 most Googled questions about Kia Seltos in India. Although a few questions mentioned above target the brand instead of the car, it is really important to know about the brand that is doing so good in India in 2020 (the year of the global pandemic)!

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    • Talking about the features and pricing, yes, this variant makes sense as it comes with vital modern-day features like touchscreen infotainment and automatic AC. However, the rear legroom continues to be a problem for some across the Sonet lineup. You need to have a physical check for that before you decide!

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