GoMechanic X NSDC 3-Tier Training Module

GoMechanic x NSDC Training Module

Cars are complex machinery that requires a thorough understanding of each component to work with. Learning about thousands of parts isn’t easy, which is what our mechanics do. Now, to give you and your car the best possible treatment and solution for your car problems, the people at our workshop are trained. Every mechanic, technician, and specialist across all GoMechanic workshops undergo rigorous training and orientation programs in accordance with OEM industry standards.

GoMechanic was founded in 2016 and operates out of 1200+ multi-brand car service centres and employs over 7000 mechanics, technicians, and specialists.

Hence to upskill India, GoMechanic is now NSDC certified and will provide the necessary training to our mechanics via training modules. These training modules and the curriculum will be strategically made with the help of the NSDC or the National Skill Development Corporation.

3-Tier Training Programme

Like any other training program, this one also is specifically designed to hone the knowledge and skills of the mechanic. This allows them to work more efficiently and with almost precision. Additionally, we ensure all workshops are standardised and well-equipped so that the mechanics are easily acclimatized with the tools and equipment.

GoMechanic Unique 3-Tier Mechanic Training Module

Along with that, depending upon the level of education and the skillset that a mechanic comes with, we have also introduced a unique 3-Tier training module that allows our mechanics to master and elevate their skillset. But for the person who is just starting the ladder has to start from the basics and go up the ladder gradually. These 3 training modules include.

  • Elementary Workshop Training
  • Intermediate Workshop Training
  • Advanced Workshop Training

In the automobile industry, it is necessary to have theoretical as well as practical knowledge. So, Apart from the above-mentioned tier-specific training modules, GoMechanic also organizes on-ground orientation about Technical Intervention and Core Soft-Skill Training at the workshop level. Now, as the training modules are clear, let’s dive into the governing body of these programs, NSDC.

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What is NSDC, and what do they do?

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) was established on July 31, 2008, as a not-for-profit public limited company incorporated. By encouraging the growth of sizable, high-calibre, for-profit vocational institutions, NSDC seeks to advance skill development. The company also contributes money to programs for profitable and scaleable vocational training. Its mandate also includes enabling support systems with a focus on information systems, train-the-trainer academies, and quality assurance.

GoMechanic Partners With NSDC Under Skill India Mission

By supporting private sector activities in skill development programs and by providing funds, NSDC hopes to make a substantial contribution to the broader goal of the Skill India Program.

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Key takeaways of the GoMechanic X NSDC Program?

With a strong focus on creating employment, GoMechanic also proactively upskilled our existing workforce and partners enabling a seamless operation and becoming more suited to digital businesses. In our endeavour to continuously improve lives at every stratum of society, we also aim to partner with NSDC for various skill development programs.

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These programs revolve around the technicalities of the vehicle, the technology used in the vehicles, and the electric vehicles that seem to be the here-stay.

Well, these programs include,

  • Entrepreneurship
    GoMechanic work with an extended range of Independently owned car workshops and spare parts retailers and have a financing program to support these setups. However, we could use NSDC’s support to enable and upskill mechanics and technicians who would like to start their businesses but lack the confidence to do so. We could also work with NSDC enrolled participants to set up the workshop network in cities of our presence in over 500 cities.
  • Future Technologies (EV & Eco-system)
    With the advent of Electric Vehicles, we aim at upskilling our existing workshop Manpower to service Electric Vehicles, understand the basic Do’s & Don’ts, and all SOPs for maintaining an Electric Vehicle to stay with modern times and enable EV Adoption and the vehicle evolution. Also, we look to partner with NSDC on skill courses for training on operating and setup of EV Eco-system including Charging Infrastructure and Swapping Infrastructure.
  • Digital and Soft skills
    GoMechanic has a robust training program designed to upskill our technicians, service advisers, and ground staff in the use of technology. Along with that, the program also aims to improve the communication abilities needed to interact with clients and close crucial deals that will enable a mechanic or technician to take on the position of a service advisor. Collaborating with NSDC to verify such efforts will improve our current training programs and, if necessary, adapt them to certify and provide a scope for progress in the mechanics and technicians’ job profiles.

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