5 Reasons Why India Will Miss The Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo-You Will Be Missed

Volkswagen Polo has created a legacy in a decade in India. In the running span of a decade and more than 2.5 lakh units sold, the Polo has established itself like a German legend which we will surely miss. The Volkswagen Polo was first showcased to the Indian audience back in the 2010 Auto Expo in Delhi. It is unfortunate to bid farewell to the hatchback this year, and the enthusiasts will do anything to bring the updated version to India or halt this move. Let’s see why India will miss the Volkswagen Polo:

  1. Reliability (Sort of…)

    Volkswagen Polo

    Polo was famous and popular among people due to many positive traits, and reliability was one. The European build quality and the performance package was always at the driver’s fingertips. Be it a regular drive or even a rally; Polo seamlessly went through it all.

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    German technology is known across the globe to be the best and most reliable regardless of the situation. Polo excellently catered to this trait and performed to cover the user’s every need. We all have seen the Polo running through rallies and delivering top-notch performance through the dust.

  2. Modification Potential

    Mandeep Singh’s Volkswagen Polo GT TSI with Remus Turboback Exhaust

    Polo was among the top choices of enthusiasts when picking a car. It offers a good stock package but is immensely packed with modification potential. Be it cosmetic upgrades or engine tuning stages, every one of them unlocked a new level of performance.

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    We already have seen plenty of Polos that are heavily modified with a tuned engine & a loud exhaust tearing through the roads. Except for the performance modifications, even slight cosmetic upgrades extended the road presence of the little torque monster. The whole enthusiast community will surely miss the little hatchback and will have to look for a replacement soon, and a worthy candidate does not exist.

  3. The TSI Engines

    Volkswagen Polo Turbo Edition

    Polo was the only car in India that VW offered 10 engine options throughout the running span of a decade. There were a pair of turbo engines packing an extra edge of power & performance and making the car more youthful among those engine options.

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    VW offered both TSI & TDI engines catering to both petrol & diesel buyers. The TSI engines were trendy among the young enthusiasts who wanted something more than just stock. VW started selling separate turbo editions in India, and now seeing the original candidate gone is very sad.

  4. Driving Dynamics

    Volkswagen Polo

    The next factor on our list is VW cars’ excellent driving dynamics. Polo was well planted on the road and had great control no matter how twisted the turns get; the car would still handle like a dream.

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    The design is ideally done with excellent aerodynamics, helping us instantly cut through the traffic. The little hatchback had perfect dimensions and performance that the driver could take through anything with minimum effort. Whether high-speed overtakes on the expressway or twisted turns during rallies, stability was always constant.

  5. The Complete Package

    Volkswagen Polo Interior

    Polo was among the car which had a universal appeal. Be it young enthusiasts, working professionals or even a small family; Polo fitted them all. The solid build quality with the practical package that fits even in the tiniest parking spaces made it perfect.

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    It was one of the best hatchbacks the Indian market ever had, with excellent fuel efficiency. In addition to that, it had the quirky features European cars have, which gave it an extra edge. While we cannot express how we feel bidding farewell to the Polo, these factors are just a few out of the long list.
    How do you feel about the Polo being gone?