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Friday, July 19, 2024
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5 Unique & Quirky Things You’ll Only Find In German Cars

When it comes to sheer driving pleasure, there’s nothing better than a German car. Not just the drive, but also the driving experience, everything counts be it big or small. From Volkswagen to BMW, German automakers have impressed everyone with their eye for detail. So here are 5 unique and quirky things you will only find in German Cars.

  1. Open Door for Bonnet

    Volkswagen Bonnet Opening Lever

    Amongst several things that are unique about German cars, probably the most noticeable is the fact that in order to open the bonnet of several German cars such as the Volkswagen Vento, you will need to open the door as the bonnet latch is physically blocked by the door panel. To open the bonnet, you will have to open the door, pull the bonnet lever on the footwell and then the lever under the bonnet; something that’s quite unique considering most Indian cars.

  2. Press to Open the Fuel Lid

    German Automaker Volkswagen’s Press To Open Fuel Lid

    Quite a useful feature onboard several German cars coming from automakers like Volkswagen, the “press to open” fuel lid feature is one of the coolest things. When using a German car, just make sure the doors are unlocked, and you can press the fuel lid to open it. You read that right! No need to bend down and pull any levers. Just unlock the doors for easy operation.

  3. One-Touch Down For All Windows

    Power Windows
    One-Touch Down For AL 4 Windows

    Going beyond the driver and passenger seat, even not so premium hatches like the Polo offer one-touch power down for all four windows. And to add a cherry on the cake, all four windows also offer anti-pinch functionality.

  4. Receipt Holder on the Windscreen

    Windscreen Ticket Holder // Representative Image

    If you’ve ever been on a long journey on board a German vehicle then you must have noticed how German manufacturers provide receipt/ticket holders on the windscreen. This can come in handy for all your parking tickets/toll receipts and even visiting cards.

  5. Opening/Closing Of All Windows Via The Key

    Car Key with fob
    Opening/Closing of all windows via key

    Another useful feature that German cars proudly bring in, is a feature that is widely appreciated by millions of Volkswagen owners around the globe. With a German car such as the Polo, Vento etc. you can open/close all four windows by long-pressing the unlock/lock key respectively. Pretty useful to get rid of the heat before you drive in summer!

    So these were 5 quirky and unique things you will find only in German cars. Go on and explore your German car and tell us if you come across any of such quirky features in the comment section below. Till then stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.




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