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Honda City Hybrid Launching In India Soon!

Honda City– a beloved car for all, and a dream for many. Honda has been selling the City in India for over 2 decades now, and it has been one of the best cars in its segment for a very long time. Value for money, safe, reliable and comfortable are a few things that come to mind when we think Honda City. Not to mention, the best in class 1.5L Naturally Aspirated engine is an absolute hoot to drive. For 2022, Honda wants the City to be cleaner and greener, which is why they’re working on a hybrid variant for India.

  1. What’s different on the Honda City Hybrid?

The hybrid variant will use an ‘Atkinson’ 1.5L Petrol engine, coupled with an electric motor. The engine produces 98HP and 127nm Torque, and the electric motor produces 109HP and 253nm. The combined power figures are not yet revealed. It will be 100kg heavier than the outgoing model; however, it’ll be 0.5 seconds faster. Boot space will also go down by roughly 100 litres, to accommodate the battery pack.

  1. Why a Hybrid?

The main aim behind this switch is to make the City cleaner and greener, and more fuel-efficient. The Hybrid Honda City is already on sale in Malaysia and Thailand, where claimed fuel-efficiency figures are around 30KM/L. A real-life mileage of around 22-24KM/L is expected to be delivered. The Honda City Hybrid will be the first mass-market hybrid to go on sale in India!

  1. What else will be added?

The City Hybrid in Thailand and Malaysia gets some premium features like an electronic parking brake, adaptive cruise, auto-emergency braking and more ADAS features. The Indian spec City Hybrid should also get these features, considering that it will be priced significantly higher than the petrol variant. It will also get rear-disc brakes, since the car is heavier and has more power and torque.

Honda City Hybrid Launching In 2022?
Honda City Hybrid Launching In 2022?
  1. When is the Honda City Hybrid launching?

The Hybrid City will launch in the Indian market by April 2022. Honda is very eager to release this car in the market and give buyers a more fuel-efficient option.

Do you think the Hybrid City will be a threat to the all-new Skoda Slavia? Let us know in the comment section!

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